Celonis presents object-centric data model at world tour

Celonis World Tour Celonis Object-Centric Data Model

Celonis, the global leader in Process Mining, has kicked off its World Tour 2023 in Munich, Germany, to showcase a series of new product capabilities that enable companies to find and capture business value within their processes.

Following on from the launch of Object-Centric Process Mining at Celosphere 2022, Celonis has now introduced the Object-Centric Data Model, a single data representation of an entire business that enables companies to accelerate the speed at which they can model their process data, gain critical insights and take action to start realizing value.

The model reduces the work needed to transform the data from source systems and operates side by side with Event Log Data Models, making the transition non-disruptive. It also powers Celonis’ new End-to-End Lead Times App, also launching today, which enables supply chain leaders to comprehend end-to-end lead times and understand the impact of each process to accelerate cash conversion and exceed service levels.

Said to offer greater simplicity, system agnosticity and flexibility, the new data model aims to drive a more intuitive, open and intelligent platform for Celonis customers.

“The Celonis Execution Management System has already provided us with tremendous benefits, including the ability to more easily find bottlenecks in our processes and get to deeper business insights more quickly. Using the Celonis process mining capabilities gives us insights into the complexity of our operations. It helps us to drive rapid business value by improving the performance of our core business processes,” said Travis Cain, senior director, Enterprise Architecture and Data Science Experience for Dell Technologies.

“Object-centric process mining allows users to easily navigate through processes based on real-life objects and events and fully unleashes the power of process mining,” said Alex Rinke, co-founder and co-CEO at Celonis. “Customers can build and interact with their data more naturally, in a way they are already familiar with. With this new expanded data foundation, as well as the additional capabilities we are unveiling during this year’s World Tour, I am thrilled to show customers how Celonis provides them with unparalleled visibility, helps them disseminate process intelligence and enables intelligent actions across the enterprise.”