Getting more from your Oracle ERP: An ERP leader’s guide

More4apps graphic poster, stating "Getting more from your Oracle ERP: an ERP Leader's Guide"

Businesses know that ERP systems are crucial to organizational efficiency, productivity, revenue and growth. Especially in the drive toward innovation and modernization, managing and updating an ERP system becomes a vital part of goal achievement for today’s business needs.

However, the management of data and maintenance of ERP systems can seem like a daunting challenge for many ERP leaders and a frequent topic of user support requests. Having outdated or inaccurate data impacts business processes and limits agility and growth. Yet ERP end-users often struggle to update data efficiently and accurately in mass volumes. Many processes are manual and confusing which can frustrate users and take hours of their valuable time.

Take the findings from research conducted by More4apps – a software developer for Oracle ERP users. After talking with leaders from across industries who manage Oracle E-Business Suite and Fusion ERP systems, three shared areas of focus became apparent: ERP road-mapping and innovation, ERP system integrity and ERP end-user support.

All leaders aim to realize the optimization of ERP usage and find new, innovative ways to accelerate data efficiency and growth. Additionally, those managing the system must ensure that all measures that prevent system outages, failures and user errors are followed. All this constitutes the ongoing mission to support employee productivity and end-user satisfaction and efficiency.

So, what can organizations do to ensure and maintain a healthy ERP ecosystem? More4apps designed a specific step-by-step guide, explaining that companies need to secure alignment on requirements and priorities, set clear KPIs for software impact, look for software with benefits for multiple teams and plan to support future scale.

To help streamline this process, companies also can utilize services from More4apps, including its Excel-based software for Oracle data loading. More4apps software makes it easy for non-technical users of Oracle E-Business Suite and Fusion Cloud to complete mass downloads, edits, and uploads. It provides an integrated spreadsheet solution and full Excel features and functionality. More4apps reduces manual input, improves data accuracy with real-time validation and actionable error messaging, and eliminates reliance on complex Oracle forms or tools like Web ADI, ADFdi, or FBDI.

As a result, teams will gain more time to devote to strategy and organizational improvements. By helping companies update data efficiently, More4apps also makes it easier for leaders to introduce new ERP workflows and business processes.

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