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More4Apps case study slide - reimagining project and portfolio management with a move to Fusion Cloud applications
How to streamline project portfolio management when moving to Oracle Fusion Cloud
Many companies are prioritizing migrating to cloud to accelerate and streamline operations and power the business. Find out how this can be done by reading the More4apps case study.
More4apps simplified contract management for Oracle Fusion Cloud slide
Easing the road to Oracle Fusion Cloud with simplified contract management
When moving to Oracle Fusion Cloud, companies require tools to assist in specific business functions, such as contracts, during the process. Find out more by reading this customer success story from More4apps.
people in office around a computer
Stop struggling with Oracle reporting
Angles from insightsoftware opens up your options with Angles Enterprise and Angles Professional for Oracle. Both offer robust reporting and analytics capabilities, but understanding their key differences is crucial for making an informed decision. So, grab your protractor and let’s get into the details of Angles for Oracle!
city skyline at night
Unleash potential through global bank connectivity
We live in a world run by global bank connectivity where the success of a business relies on the ability to stay interconnected. From accessing date to linking with a network of partners and platforms, it can feel daunting to face the challenges of global connectivity. Many finance teams face challenges with fragmented data, soiled systems, or disjointed workflows. Fortunately, there is a solution to liberate liquidity from its shackles. 
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The fight between Spreadsheets and Test Management software
In this blog by Original Software, you can learn more about how to win the fight against manual spreadsheets and use specialized software in all aspects of your software testing. 
photo of a person working on a laptop with touch-screen and stylus | software testing concept
Scale your software testing on a single platform, here’s how
Software testing has come a long way in the last ten years. Test automation has significantly eased the burden on test managers, for instance. But there’s further to go.
a man in a blue blazer and checked white shirt looks at the graphs in a white tablet on an office desk | Nextworld revenue system concept
How R&R Millwork streamlined revenue and customer satisfaction
For more than 22 years, R&R Millwork used a legacy version of Sage which led to the development of time-consuming, manual workarounds.
a photo of a plant growing out of a glass with coins | financial system concept
How Velociti transformed its financial system with ease and flexibility
When using a legacy financials system, Velociti faced constraints and manual functions. Soon, the company decided it is time for change.
A man sitting in front of computer monitor in an office | Kyriba liquidity network concept
ICD joins the Kyriba liquidity network to help clients gain control
Kyriba has announced that ICD joined its liquidity network to create a seamless, end-to-end workflow for clients to gain control over their liquidity management and investment processes.
a woman in a white shirt and blue blazer sits at the work desk with a laptop looking through papers | Kyriba APIs finance
Ten things you need to know about APIs for treasury
APIs continue to be one of the most talked about technologies, as finance leaders look to make their treasury and payments operations more real-time and responsive to market volatility.
group of co-workers sitting at a desk in front of computers | Kyriba API treasury concept
How API and ERP integrations are transforming corporate treasury
Adopting API technology to integrate ERP systems with treasury systems is a transformative step for corporate treasury management.
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Upgrade Your Service Portal to ServiceNow Employee Center
In this video from NewRocket you will learn how to upgrade your Service Portal to Employee Center. I’ll also compare some of the differences between Employee Center and Employee Center Pro, as well as showing some example portals built on top of Employee Center.
airplane cockpit
NewRocket’s Advisory Engagement
In order to maximize the value of ServiceNow, NewRocket’s FlightPath advisory engagement will ensure you have a thoughtful plan, that maps to clear business outcomes.
abstract of face
Is your business ready for the AI revolution?
Start on your AI journey equipped with our comprehensive AI Readiness Checklist from NewRocket, designed to pinpoint the essential elements your organization needs to address for optimal results.
photo of an orange life buoy hanging on a wall | Oracle system support concept
From skeptic to believer: how to overcome Oracle’s fear tactics
At a time of consistent innovation and the need to stay on top of your system and software management, seeking third-party support can be a crucial step to success. With Spinnaker Support, you can arrive at a place where you’re...
photo of a man playing chess | guide on third-party support for CFO leaders
Navigating tomorrow: CFO’s leap into a future-proof IT ecosystem
In today’s constantly changing world, many CFOs of growing enterprises find themselves standing at a crossroads. As generative AI, economic uncertainty and global conflicts fuel rapid change, you’re charged with the task of balancing caution and prudence with an enthusiasm...
photo of a person holding a turned on light bulb | software support concept
It’s about time you get third-party software support, here’s why
Is it time to reduce the cost of your enterprise software support and utilize those savings for business-first initiatives? Find out here.
Pacific Textiles achieves better, faster results for SAP S/4HANA
Find out why Pacific Textiles’ CIO, Hubert Tsang, decided to start off the engagement with a 5-year deal, what’s changed since the switch, and what innovative project has been funded by making the strategic move to Rimini Street.
hourglass with blu sand on desk
Why you should defer moving to S/4HANA and RISE with SAP
Don’t let SAP’s 2027 deadline for mainstream support for SAP drive a rash decision. Did you know you can get guaranteed 15 more years of full support for your existing SAP software —and at 50-90% less total cost? In this brief session, learn how hundreds of SAP clients are buying time and freedom.
woman at desk with laptop
How Rimini Support for Oracle empowers growth and innovation hosts an engaging and educational conversation with experts on Oracle at Rimini Street reviewing the surprising results from the Forces Driving the Future of Your Oracle Database Roadmap survey. Watch now for insights to help you optimize your Oracle roadmap.
image split in half with purple on the left and black and white on the right: More4apps webinar on FBDI Exile: Handling supplier contracts and customer data in Oracle Fusion Cloud without limitations
FBDI Exile: Handling supplier contracts and customer data without limitations
In this More4apps webinar, Andrew Gooch, UK product development and support officer, discusses why in the dynamic landscape of business operations, the consistent and effective management of customer and supplier data is paramount.
More4apps photo with a hand holding a winner's cup and text saying "and the winner is..."
More4apps celebrates success with EBS Toolbox for Oracle E-Business Suite
More4apps, a leading provider of data-loading software solutions, has received many prestigious awards over the past 12 months. As a company, More4apps has always focused on changing and improving the way organizations manage their data within Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) since its establishment in 2000.
cargo ships docked at the pier during day | Oracle supplier management
Sourcing and supplier management with Oracle is about to get strategic – here’s how
Businesses know that effective global sourcing and supplier management strategies are vital for sustainable growth. In recent years, the focus has shifted from mitigating supply chain disruptions to managing suppliers more effectively.
photo of suspension bridge during sunset | supply chain
Leveraging the extended supply chain: A collaborative approach with Oracle
In the past years, the upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and events beyond have illuminated the need for supply chain resilience.
Data Reduction Potential Analysis: How to reduce data volume before migrating to SAP S/4HANA
One of the pain points of migrating to SAP S/4HANA is understanding exactly how much and which data needs to be transferred to the new environment. the DRPA provides a simulation demonstrating how much they can potentially reduce their data by.
JiVS One Click Transformation to SAP S/4HANA with just a click of a button
The One Click Transformation approach is DMI’s answer to simpler and faster data migration, giving the customer a 360° view of their data in a leaner system environment.
JiVS Information Management Platform
JiVS Information Management Platform (IMP) is an end-to-end information management platform that provides a simple yet powerful solution to complex data-driven challenges.
Unlocking Full Potential of Your ServiceNow Platform
Learn how to unlock the full potential of your ServiceNow platform, decode your platform issues, and simplify the process.
yellow volkswagen van on road in the desert | SAP S/4HANA migration journey concept
Securing the smoothest journey to SAP S/4HANA
Upgrading to SAP’s latest product generation not only makes sense, but there’s mostly no way around it. Yet, the journey is a complex one.
photo of a person holding a bunch of 100 dollar banknotes | legacy SAP system costs concept
The hidden costs of outdated SAP systems
At a time when agility and innovation are more in demand than ever, it’s vital to optimize your SAP infrastructure on a regular basis.