Google Cloud forges partnerships with Motorola Solutions and Kyndryl

a person taking a picture of a cloud with a smartphone

Google Cloud and Motorola Solutions have announced a strategic, multi-year agreement focused on innovating cloud solutions across Motorola’ safety and security technologies.

Using Google Cloud’s infrastructure, Motorola Solutions will work to advance assistive intelligence, including reliable video content delivery and mapping, as well as AI capabilities, to help address real-world safety challenges.

“This collaboration will leverage the power of sensors, data and AI to help make safety and security more accessible and actionable,” said Mahesh Saptharishi, executive vice president and CTO of Motorola Solutions.

“Whether it’s enabling better protection for schools, identifying unusual activity at businesses or more effectively securing large-scale events, real-time visibility and awareness are foundational for both public safety and enterprise security outcomes,” Saptharishi added.

Motorola is planning to deploy the newly developed capabilities across its growing cloud security solutions, including the cloud-native video suite, Avigilon Alta, which enables enterprise security for organizations of all sizes.

Will Grannis, vice president and CTO at Google Cloud, also commented: “Motorola Solutions has long demonstrated leadership in innovating the technologies that safeguard communities and enterprises. Together we will channel our latest cloud advancements to support Motorola Solutions’ sharpened focus on safety and security innovations via the cloud.

Google Cloud also announced that it has expanded its existing collaboration with Kyndryl to develop responsible generative AI solutions and accelerate adoption among customers.

Kyndryl and Google Cloud first started working together in 2021 to help global businesses transform with Google Cloud’s advanced AI capabilities and infrastructure. In the next phase of this partnership, the duo will focus on coupling Google Cloud’s in-house AI capabilities, including Google’s Large Language Model – Gemini, with Kyndryl’s expertise and managed services to develop and deploy GenAI solutions for customers.

Key focus areas for the collaboration include AI and data foundation advisory and implementation services, applying Cortex framework to ERP, jumpstarting GenAI adoption with Kyndryl’s New LLM operations framework and increasing expertise to boost GenAI development.

“GenAI can fundamentally improve how businesses operate, helping large-scale organizations streamline complex processes and enable their workforces to be more productive,” said Yateendar Bollini, director of global consulting partnerships at Google Cloud. 

“Given Kyndryl’s data services expertise, along with our more than 30 years of experience managing large enterprise environments, Kyndryl understands the complexities in moving a GenAI solution from an idea into production,” said Nicolas Sekkaki, global applications, data and AI practice leader at Kyndryl. 

As part of their early collaboration on GenAI solutions for customers, Kyndryl and Google Cloud helped Singapore-based smart warehouse and contract logistics firm iHub Solutions launch a GenAI pilot for customer service.