Government, commercial industries to get AI boost from Oracle and Palantir partnership

Government and commercial entities command Big Data, and such data arguably needs artificially intelligent methods for effective management. This means a need for AI that goes beyond the ‘intelligent chatbot’, the sort associated with AI and large data analytics platforms from the likes of Palantir, and embedded in cloud offerings from Oracle and other hyperscalers.

Today sees Oracle and Palantir join forces to deliver mission critical AI to businesses and governments around the world. The partnership will utilize Oracle’s cloud infrastructure and see Palantir move its Foundry workloads as well as providing availability for its Gotham and AI platforms on Oracle’s distributed cloud.

Oracle’s distributed cloud and AI infrastructure, combined with Palantir’s decision acceleration and AI platforms, is aimed at helping organizations maximize the value of their data with secure cloud and AI solutions.

Palantir’s Foundry workloads will move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, while the Denver, Colorado-headquartered company’s Gotham and AI Platforms will be deployable across Oracle’s distributed cloud. This includes public cloud regions; Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Dedicated Regions; Oracle Alloy; Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud; Oracle Government Cloud; Oracle Roving Edge, and Oracle’s air-gapped regions for defense and intelligence customers.

Globally, across commercial, sovereign, and government air-gapped environments, Oracle Cloud provides more than 100 cloud services and applications, including the latest innovation in GenAI, running on its native AI infrastructure. This AI-heavy offering from Big Red is hoped to extend Palantir’s AI capabilities to help customers accelerate decision-making, while Oracle’s long history in defense and intelligence brings a depth of experience and technology “critical to the success of high-stakes missions”.

Together, Oracle and Palantir aim to bring stronger new capabilities to the defense industry, and the two partners will jointly sell and support cloud and AI services across government and commercial industries.

Speaking with ERP Today on the news, Richard Pepper, president of the UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) commented: “Oracle are not holding back in their investment in AI.  Partnerships with companies like Palantir help grow the Oracle Cloud footprint overnight as opposed to relying on organic sales growth.

“The AI race is on, and time will tell; however this appears to be a solid move by Oracle. Most of the onlookers only see GenAI as a client-facing benefit, but Oracle has just as much AI in their tech products with more to come, I’m sure.”

In the press release accompanying the partnership, Rand Waldron, vice president, Oracle, said: “Oracle is the only hyperscaler capable of delivering its entire AI and cloud suite to any business or government anywhere in the world.

“By combining the performance, scalability, and flexibility of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Palantir’s leading data and AI platforms, we will help our customers win in any industry or environment.”

“Palantir and Oracle are both dedicated to defending western interests and institutions around the world,” added Josh Harris, executive vice-president, Palantir. “Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s unique ability to help customers meet their regulatory, performance, and security needs will increase our impact and help our global clients gain the full benefits of cloud and AI.”