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ERP Today Live! with SplashBI
A look at how to make reporting consistent across different systems by building data pipelines for cloud systems to get all the data into a data warehouse.
Workday Elevate
Do Workday and Accenture have the future of HCM in the bag?
Skills was a big topic at Workday Elevate London, underpinning a more prosaic vision of the future of work this decade.
IFS Connect with CEO Darren Roos
The UK word from IFS Connect? Less cloud “fiefdoms”, more young professionals
IFS CEO Darren Roos and its UK&I chief speak exclusively from IFS Connect on leading in EAM, and where "fear versus reality" in cloud adoption.
Huawei, Xi Liu Bei Po Village (Ox Horn Campus)
Exclusive: Huawei talks making the “TikTok of ERP”, MetaERP – from inception and beyond
MetaERP from Chinese tech giant Huawei isn’t your average entry in ERP business. As Huawei tells ERP Today in its only international interview regarding the project, “without US sanctions, Huawei had never considered developing its own ERP.”
ERP Today Live! with Epicor
How exactly can ERP be used as a strategic tool to support companies build up a bigger picture of their future and analyze how best to pivot and adapt where necessary? Find out with Mark Hughes, Epicor regional VP UK&I, David Batin, finance & IT director, Building and Plumbing Supplies Ltd and John Newcomb, CEO, BMF.
Aiman Ezzat, Capgemini CEO
UK&I leads Capgemini Q1 growth after Whitehall wonder win
Capgemini Q1 results show biggest EMEA growth following headline UK government deal.
ERP Today SAPinsider
ERP Today, SAPinsider, Mastering SAP and Channel Metrics team up to create a global media powerhouse
ERP Today is acquired by Wellesley Information Services to join the same family as SAPinsider, creating a new media powerhouse for the enterprise technology sector.
ServiceNow “fastest ever” as it reaches $2bn revenue first
ServiceNow has surpassed the $2bn quarterly revenue barrier for the first time, according to its first quarter (Q1) results.
ERP Today Live! with Arribatec
Sarah Woolford, deputy director of finance at UCLan, and Mark Bloomer, managing director of Arribatec, discuss ERP transformation in higher education
ERP Today Live! with Microsoft UK
Can today's professionals create value for everyone from stakeholders to employees and customers? Find out with Mark McCardle, CFO, Microsoft UK, and Alison Wright, SMB & Corporate Scale Director, Microsoft UK.
A tale of three hospitals
Defining the smart hospital in 2023 - and searching for its existence in the UK with the NHS and enterprise tech.
Celonis – mining within 3D and ESG
Celonis co-CEO Alex Rinke exclusively talks with ERP Today about how Celonis Process Sphere eases supply chain disruption.
Microsoft’s supply chain VP gives the hard macro outlook
Interview with Ray Smith, vice president supply chain at Microsoft on black swan events and data lakes.
Chatgpt Salesforce
Salesforce first to sell ChatGPT, promising IP safety
ChatGPT hype sees Salesforce launch Einstein GPT, billed as the "world’s first generative AI CRM technology."
Dynamics 365 one partner
Is Microsoft pushing one partner for Dynamics 365?
Dynamics 365 MVPs aren't happy as Bam Boom Cloud appears to take the sales limelight for Microsoft.
Frank Slootman | Snowflake Q1
Snowflake reports 54 percent growth in Q4; bets big on hiring
Q4 results from Snowflake reported $555.3m in product revenue for the data cloud company, representing 54 percent YoY growth.
Bard for business? Google enters the chatbot game
Google has entered the AI chatbot arena with Bard, an artificial intelligence search tool. What does it mean for enterprise?
Salesforce earnings up but Slack shows with second CEO exit
Salesforce beat quarterly expectations in a rocky day for the software giant, with stocks sliding in light of Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield leaving the top job at the Salesforce subsidiary on Monday. Salesforce’s results for its third quarter fiscal 2023 (Q3)...
ERP Today Live! with LTIMindtree
Srinivas Rao, EVP and chief business officer of LTIMindtree, discusses whether M&As accelerate or hinder digital transformation strategies
IBM Banner NHS Press Release
IBM Watson health status resurrected with NHS virtual assistant
East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust has launched Enquire, a new intelligent virtual assistant powered by IBM Watson Assistant on IBM Cloud
Atos story more about digital pivot than recession gloom
Recession is here again, meaning deals proliferate as companies sell off underperforming operations and divest anything other than their core business. Against this climate signals French IT giant Atos, with news in October that it plans to split into two publicly listed...
uk britcoin crypto
The Carolean Era: crypto country change for the UK?
Britcoin and a 'royally minted' NFT are still plausible developments for Britain under a new monarch – even if PM Rishi Sunak stops being a crypto bro and FTX-esque crashes keep happening.
Workday building | Workday Q2
Workday surpasses 2000 customers in Europe and rising
Workday has revealed its applications are now used by over 2,000 customers in the EMEA region, as the company kicks off its Workday Rising event in Stockholm. The figures come as Workday continues to scale rapidly in EMEA, spanning across European-headquartered companies including Asda, Basic Fit, franprix, Glovo, Mazars, and Telpark. The company has also seen significant growth in France, Germany, and the UK, along with other European countries. Workday applications are now used by more than 40 percent of the FTSE100 and DAX40, and more than 30 percent of the CAC40.
Microsoft in supply chain first for disruptive decade
Microsoft in supply chain first for disruptive decade
The Microsoft Supply Chain Platform, which bundles together AI, collaboration, low-code, security and SaaS apps, is not a scare tactic. As Redmond tells ERP Today, supply chain disruption is the new status quo.
Adobe metaverse
Adobe has already doomed the metaverse
Pantone blues and Figma fallout: Adobe, not Meta, is the metaverse's biggest threat.
old news tech layoffs
The Great Tech Redundancy is here again
The more companies are callous with their staff, the more chance of another Great Resignation. After all, the main reason employees resigned en masse wasn't because of remote work: It was because they realized how dispensable they were.
Celonis adds ‘third dimension’ to process mining and supply chains
Celonis has launched two new updates to its process mining software. Co-CEO Alex Rinke explains exclusively to ERP Today how the new platforms represent a potential game changer for the tech.
piggy bank | Deloitte and AWS
Deloitte and AWS partnership to fuel fintech, crypto
Deloitte is embarking on a multi-year co-investment and engineering collaboration with AWS in a push to help banks and non-banks bring products and services to market with more ease on Amazon Web Services.
ServiceNow serves up NHS Digital backbone and beyond
ServiceNow serves up NHS Digital backbone and beyond
Exclusive: The ServiceNow platform is powering NHS Digital, the national information and technology partner of the UK health and care system. The partnership will also continue once NHS Digital merges with NHS England and NHSX in 2023.
elon musk ceo of twitter
Elon Musk buys Twitter; Oracle in, Salesforce out
Looks like Elon Musk has done it and bought Twitter. The acquisition of one of the world's biggest social media sites was a legally fraught one, as has been well-documented. Not so widely covered? The background presence in the story of a few big names in enterprise tech, namely Oracle CTO and co-founder Larry Ellison, and Bret Taylor, co-CEO of Salesforce. The latter was chair of Twitter’s board of directors until Musk's takeover became reality.
EY does the metaverse - can it save all things Meta?
EY does the metaverse – can it save all things Meta?
EY has updated its metaverse space. The news comes one day after lacking financial results from Facebook owner Meta, the current figurehead of extended reality in enterprise.