HPE expands hybrid cloud data tools with Alletra Storage MP enhancements

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HPE has announced the release of new data services built on Alletra Storage MP, including new file, block, disaster and backup recovery data services for hybrid cloud environments.

The new services are designed to help customers eliminate data silos, reduce cost and complexity and improve performance and are available through HPE GreenLake Alletra Storage MP previously fused the capabilities of HPE Nimble and Primera, and has allowed HPE customers to run any app from edge to cloud with a cloud experience for every workload.

The new file storage data services enable storage, management and protection of all data types from one unified platform across the hybrid cloud. HPE Disaster Recovery can now reduce data loss and downtime, while HPE Backup and Recovery protects on-premises and cloud workloads with a single data catalog across private and public cloud workloads.

Customers will benefit from a single, unified cloud platform to deploy, manage and orchestrate data and storage services, regardless of the workload and storage protocol. The flexibility of HPE Alletra Storage MP provides better price for performance today and the ability to cost-effectively scale out infrastructure on the same hardware in the future, while enhancing investment protection.

Together, the new data services provide an intuitive cloud operating experience that enables customers to transform data lifecycle management and thrive in the age of insight.

Tom Black, executive vice president and general manager, HPE Storage, said: “Customers today face unprecedented challenges in managing their data. The rapid increase in the volume and complexity of data has forced organizations to manage it all with a costly combination of siloed storage solutions. The new HPE GreenLake data services and expanded HPE Alletra innovations make it easier and more economical to manage multiple types of data, storage protocols and workloads, allowing customers to focus on accelerating innovation and driving business results.”