IFS and SPORTPESA racing point join forces

IFS has entered into a multi-year partnership with F1 racing team, SportPesa Racing Point. The IFS branding will appear on both the F1 cars and the race suits of Lance Stroll and Sergio Perez. However, this isn’t just a sponsorship deal; IFS’s cloud-based ERP software will underpin the team’s racing operations and back-office needs.

Otmar Szafnauer, CEO and team principal at SportPesa Racing Point said: “When evaluating our options, IFS stood out for its flexibility, innovation, and accuracy – the mainstays of professional racing and key traits of our own culture. Just like any other complex industrial organisation, success in racing relies on outperforming the competition in all areas. That includes Sergio and Lance in the cars, the operational crew at the races, as well as the team back at the factory. IFS presented us with a solution that could give us one version of the truth in real-time, informing our decision-making and paving the way for our digital transformation.”

Darren Roos, CEO at IFS said: “Being faster, smarter and more efficient are vital to any successful Formula 1 team and that is exactly why Racing Point turned to IFS. We engineer our solutions to empower users with the right data when milliseconds make the difference between winning or not. We look forward to going full-throttle in our collaboration with Racing Point over the coming seasons.”