IFS unveiled evolved industry-focussed architecture

IFS unveiled a new architecture platform for all its products and services at IFS’ world conference in Boston. The evolved industry-focussed architecture is scheduled for availability in 2020 and will be the new home to IFS’s entire portfolio of products across manufacturing, project management and service solutions. In essence, this new approach will allow customers to integrate enabling technologies such as IoT, machine learning and AI in pragmatic and focussed ways so they can optimise, automate, predict and interact better across their businesses.

IFS has developed its technology foundations over an intensive period of engineering development. The work has encompassed model-driven declarative development, the intuitive IFS Aurena user experience (UX), and native API enablement of the entire set of capabilities.

Designed to ensure speed, elasticity, and choice, the evolved architecture is built for both cloud and on-premise using container technology and kubernetes, which allows for running at hyper-scale in the cloud while ensuring portability across multiple clouds and on-premise.

“The blueprint my team has shared today is underwritten by a fully operational plan to deliver an open and scalable architecture to our customers with the right set of capabilities needed for their industries,” said IFS chief product officer, Christian Pedersen. “For IFS, this has always been about architecting a core for our applications that would be fundamentally open and enabled. With this announcement, we are demonstrating that we are delivering on the promise of a core that has choice quite literally built into it, enabling our customers to benefit faster and easier for new and emerging technologies in context of their business needs and opportunities.”