Infor partners with Snowflake 

Infor has announced it is partnering with Snowflake to help businesses build automated data warehouses using the Birst full-stack analytics and business intelligence (BI) platform. 

Birst helps organisations understand and optimise processes in less time than traditional solutions, enabling them to create, manage and securely administrate the data held within Snowflake.  

The Birst platform builds automated data warehouses natively on Snowflake, eliminating the need for separate ELT/ETL data modelling, data preparation and analytics tools. In addition, the platform will provide enterprise data governance and fine-grained security within Snowflake, along with auditing and built-in usage tracking. 

Significantly, Birst and Snowflake both run natively in AWS, accelerating data processing and querying while removing the need to export data out of Snowflake.  

Kevin Miller, Snowflake vice president of systems integrators, said: “We are excited about our partnership with Infor. With this integration, customers can now take advantage of Birst’s networked BI automation and intelligence within Snowflake. This will allow customers an optimised experience while eliminating unnecessary data movement.” 

Joint customers are able to utilise Birst’s self-service data preparation capabilities to blend end-user-created data with enterprise data in Snowflake, providing true self-service for business users and analysts.  

Kim Davis, Infor vice president of BI & analytics partnerships, explained: “Our joint customers will benefit from the speed, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of Snowflake’s zero-management, cloud-built data warehouse. Through this partnership, users can perform all ELT transformations and data warehouse automation within the Snowflake database.”