Google Cloud launches new ‘accelerators’ for healthcare

Google Cloud launches new ‘accelerators’ for healthcare

Google Cloud has launched three new Healthcare Data Engine (HDE) accelerators, developed in collaboration with Hackensack Meridian Health, Lifepoint Health, and others, to help organizations address common use cases around health equity, patient flow, and value-based care.

The HDE accelerators offer tailored infrastructure deployment configurations, BigQuery data models, and Looker dashboard templates to support adoption and time-to-value of HDE for common industry challenges. HDE leverages Google Cloud’s infrastructure and secure data storage that supports HIPAA compliance. When implemented, each customer’s layers of security, privacy controls and processes protect the access and use of patient data.

Google Cloud’s HDE accelerators will be available in early 2023.

Aashima Gupta, global director of Google Cloud’s Healthcare Strategy and Solutions, said: “These accelerators, developed collaboratively with healthcare organizations, will solve a range of industry pain points, and they will unlock the truly transformative power of interoperable longitudinal patient records.

“The kind of transformation needed in healthcare can be daunting and slow, but an incremental, use case-based approach breaks apart these challenges into manageable solutions that capture specific business opportunities and drive innovation.”

Jessica Beegle, senior vice president and chief innovation officer of Lifepoint Health, said: “Google Cloud’s solution-oriented approach brings the best of technology and healthcare together to help improve quality, increase access and ensure equitable care for patients no matter where they live.

“Instead of giving us building blocks that need to be assembled, they are delivering custom-built solutions to help us efficiently tackle key problems in our markets and provide more useful data for our clinical teams to take better care of their patients. Lifepoint is proud to partner with Google Cloud and bring the best of Silicon Valley to communities of all sizes across the United States.”