Oracle opens five new cloud regions  

image of the Oracle office/ Oracle debuts Compute Cloud@Customer

Oracle has announced the addition of five new regions to its Generation 2 Cloud platform across the globe as part of its efforts to offer a minimum of two regions in almost every country in which it operates. The five new regions are in Amsterdam, Melbourne, Osaka, Jeddah and Montreal.  

“Customers have told us that to run critical systems of record in the cloud, they need to run workloads across fully independent cloud regions for disaster recovery purposes,” said Andrew Reichman, director of product management at Oracle. “They also told us that those multiple sites must be in the same country to meet data residency requirements. To that end, four of these new regions – Osaka, Melbourne, Montreal, and Amsterdam – give customers a second site within the same country.” 

The company now has Generation 2 Cloud available in 21 regions and has plans to operate 36 regions by the end of 2020.