NetSuite moves to OCI

NetSuite is moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in a move that offers up some big wins for both parties. Although more than three years have passed since Oracle acquired NetSuite, until now, NetSuite had maintained its own datacentres and infrastructure. Moving to OCI will give NetSuite the scale, performance and reliability of infrastructure that it could not achieve on its own. On the flip side, the move allows Oracle to showcase the maturity of OCI and creates another proof-point for its capability.

Brian Chess, GVP cloud operations at Oracle NetSuite, said: “We see this as a game changer and I am pleased to report that we’ve made big progress in our transition. Customers in Frankfurt and London are already live on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and experiencing the benefits of better performance and reliability.

“And we’re not stopping there; we’re taking it global. As our customers take their business to new regions, we’ll be with them every step of the way with a reliable and battle-tested infrastructure. With this aggressive plan, customers can expect an ever-improving level of service delivery in pretty much any country in the world. As the next generation of NetSuite service delivery, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure allows us to automatically and programmatically allocate compute resources, storage, the database, and the network – all in the cloud.”