Oracle unveils OCI Compute E5 to enhance performance and lower costs

photo of Teal led panel / Oracle makes OCI Compute instances available

Oracle has announced plans to make the new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Compute E5 instances with 4th generation AMD EPYC processors available, for the purpose of making it easier for organizations to balance price and performance in their cloud environments and reduce costs. 

This news comes after a recent claim by CTO and chair Larry Ellison that Oracle implementations have “dramatically lower costs” compared to AWS and SAP.

OCI Compute E5 instances aim to offer more CPU cores, better performance per core, better memory bandwidth and higher storage capacity than previous iterations with customizable options. 

Some of these customizable options include OCI Compute E5 Standard instances, back-end servers for enterprise applications, application development environments and many others. Compared to prior generation E4 instances, E5 is said to offer 33 percent better performance per core and 50 percent better memory bandwidth, as well as 50 percent more cores on bare metal instances.

OCI Compute E5 HPC instances will also bring more powerful, cost-effective computing capabilities to complex mathematical and scientific problems across industries. These instances will hopefully allow organizations to tackle complex tasks that usually require a supercomputer – including training AI models, predicting the weather and analyzing genetic sequences – in the cloud. OCI Compute E5 HPC instances provide 40 percent better price performance than prior generation HPC instances. 

Additionally, the OCI Compute E5 Dense-IO instances are designed for large databases, big data workloads and applications that require high-performance local storage. These instances offer 50 percent higher storage capacity and 63 percent higher storage performance than prior E4 Dense-IO instances.

Donald Lu, senior vice president, software development, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, said: “No two organizations use their compute resources in the same way. Some just need fast, reliable bare metal instances to ensure their end users get good performance, while others are pushing boundaries with complicated simulations that require massive amounts of computing resources.

“Flexible and scalable OCI compute instances with AMD processors are already collectively saving our customers $40m per year as they can granularly configure instances to match the demands of their workload instead of relying on rigid, preset options. With the next-generation of AMD processors powering our OCI Compute E5 instances, we’re offering our customers the ability to run any workload faster and more efficiently while maintaining the leading price performance they expect from Oracle.”