Oracle debuts Compute Cloud@Customer

image of the Oracle office/ Oracle debuts Compute Cloud@Customer

Oracle has unveiled its Compute Cloud@Customer, a rack-scale cloud infrastructure that enables enterprises to leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) compute services across diverse locations.

With Compute Cloud@Customer, businesses can seamlessly conceive, deploy, safeguard and administer workloads employing the same software stack as OCI, including in deployments as compact as a solitary rack.

Oracle’s Compute Cloud@Customer facilitates the operation of applications and middleware on OCI’s compute, storage and networking services by flexible VM configurations within their own data centers.

Organizations can now deploy identical OCI services both in their data centers and Oracle Cloud Regions. This continuity extends to developers and IT managers, who can harness identical APIs and management tools.

Starting its journey with 552 processor cores and 150 TB of usable storage, this platform can scale compute and storage independently, accommodating demands that span beyond 6,000 processor cores and 3.4 PB of storage capacity.

This platform is a fully integrated cloud solution and an ecosystem that is conceptualized, established, owned and managed by Oracle itself.

It aligns with OCI public cloud regions and OCI Dedicated Region, encapsulating the same core OCI cloud services at the same pricing. This intrinsic coherence aims to alleviate the maintenance and upgrade burden on customers, empowering them to not only develop but also operate cloud-native applications across a spectrum of environments.

Just as with all OCI services, data within this platform remains perpetually encrypted, augmenting security protocols. The OCI Console provides organizations the reins to govern data locality, replication and backups comprehensively. This approach accommodates demanding data residency and privacy standards.

Oracle’s Compute Cloud@Customer finds its place within an array of distributed cloud offerings including Oracle Alloy, OCI public cloud regions, Oracle E.U. Sovereign Cloud, Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure, OCI Dedicated Region and Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer.

Edward Screven, chief corporate architect, Oracle, said: “Users want a consistent experience regardless of where services are running, and that is why we continue to invest in our distributed cloud strategy with the launch of Compute Cloud@Customer.

“Oracle provides a choice of OCI public cloud regions, Dedicated Region and Cloud@Customer platforms that customers can combine to create a globally distributed cloud solution. This choice makes it easy for customers to achieve their strategic cloud business objectives while enabling them to address data residency requirements and to access high-performance connections to existing data center and latency-sensitive applications.”