SAP backs Aleph Alpha’s $500m series B round

The letters 'AI' are imprinted on a gold plaque on top of a black circle | SAP Aleph

SAP has joined a consortium of investors to back the series B round of GenAI developer, Aleph Alpha, totaling $500m.

Bosch Ventures jointly led the investment with Ipai and Schwarz Group. The funding will support “category-defining” research on foundation models, advanced product capabilities for business-critical environments plus commercialization with selected key partners, according to Aleph Alpha.

SAP announced in July that it had made investments in Aleph Alpha, Anthropic and Cohere as it looked to deepen its commitment to GenAI “built responsibly and designed to help businesses run better”.

Aleph Alpha said the recent investment strengthens its foundation to advance its AI research, accelerate development and commercialization of GenAI for the most complex and critical applications such as in data-sensitive industries like healthcare, finance, law, government and security.

In addition, Aleph Alpha will use the funding to expand on key academic partnerships and contributions.

Jonas Andrulis, CEO and founder of Aleph Alpha, said: “With this latest investment, we will continue to enhance our capabilities and enable our partners to be at the forefront of this technological development. To empower customers, Aleph Alpha will continue to expand its offerings while maintaining independence and flexibility for customers in infrastructure, cloud compatibility, on-premise support and hybrid setups.

“The ongoing developments will extend interfaces and customization options tailored to business-critical requirements. For customers with a significant responsibility and in strategic environments where sovereignty is at risk, we will remain the best option.”

Rolf Schumann, co-CEO of Schwarz Digits, said: “Aleph Alpha will shape the future of GenAI and set new standards for this key technology. As such, Aleph Alpha is a perfect fit with our sovereign Cloud and Cyber Security offerings STACKIT and XM Cyber.

“This technology will enable us to further optimize our digital services – both for the companies of Schwarz Group and our external customers.”