Sapphire and MyWave.AI give AI Copilot the wheel for SAP Business One

An inquisitive, child-like robot looking up at the camera, with no soul behind the eyes | MyWave.AI

Sapphire and MyWave.AI announced the integration of SAP’s AI Copilot for Business One users, with the ultimate goal of enhancing and improving the user experience.

The integration of AI Copilot acts as a new layer for Business One users. AI Copilot allows users to talk with the Copilot and gain answers based on existing SAP data. The new tech also provides specific search criteria, letting users search for items based on different factors, like filtering only unprocessed purchase orders. Users can also execute transactions directly in SAP.

SAP decided to utilize MyWave.AI services specifically based on its previous history enhancing user experiences via reinforced learning methods. MyWave.AI say its expertise lies in getting a user to their destination in the smallest amount of steps.

MyWave.AI has been working to integrate the product with SAP Business One as a real-world application of artificial intelligence for the mid-market, and is now an SAP validated partner solution. Foundation partner of MyWave.AI, Sapphire, launched the new product at its SAP Business One user event on November 22 at the Shard.

Mark Wheeler, chief product officer, Sapphire, said: “This revolution gives users context rich, efficient process execution for those things which a menu-based UI just doesn’t do that efficiently. I’m sure our management accountant will still want to close the month using a traditional user interface but the requisitioner, sales administrator or employee has a job to get done and wants to get there the quickest possible route. That’s the genius of MyWave.AI.”

Geraldine McBride, founder of MyWave.AI, ex-president, SAP North America, commented: “Today marks the beginning of a journey for every business to consume the power of Gen AI and NLP in their user experiences, previously the preserve of large enterprises, today we have successfully brought the power of the MyWave.AI solution to the SMB community of SAP Business One to help them grow and scale as efficient, user centric enterprises.”