ServiceNow unveils new updates to its Workplace Service Delivery

ServiceNow has announced updates to its Workplace Service Delivery solution to enable further flexibility and support the future of hybrid work.

The updates mean employees can book cross-office events, with new group reservation options making it easier to book room and desk reservations on behalf of team members and create reservations for workspaces across multiple locations at once.

In addition, the solution’s new proximity-based reservation capabilities enable users to reserve desks near their closest colleagues, share reservation itineraries with one another, and browse and book spaces nearby with proximity booking.

Employees unfamiliar with the layout of the office can now navigate office spaces using the solution’s new mobile wayfinding option, allowing them to find or reserve workspaces, items, and services using an interactive floor map on a mobile device.

ServiceNow has also streamlined the reservation process by enabling employees to add reservations made in Workplace Service Delivery to their calendar of choice rather than having to manage multiple calendar systems.

In a blog post announcing the updates, Blake McConnell, SVP of employee workflow products at ServiceNow, said: “Although companies may eventually reopen their offices in earnest, the fundamental role of the office is evolving. The workplace is no longer the default location where most employees go every day. Instead, it’s becoming a destination for collaboration and brainstorming, as well as for key meetings.

“As organisations tackle the opportunities and challenges of the ever-evolving workplace, ServiceNow is delivering the solutions needed to remain agile and meet employees where and how they work best.”