SQL Connect launches enhanced tool update 23.6

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SQL Connect, a product of SplashBI, has unveiled the latest version of its tool, ­23.6, which streamlines data extraction and querying in Oracle Fusion Cloud.

This upgrade allows for a faster, more intuitive User Interface (UI) to improve overall user experience, maintaining the look and feel of previous versions to ensure a seamless transition for users.

SQL Connect has been revolutionizing the process of data extraction from Oracle Fusion Cloud, saving users significant time and enhancing productivity. The new release is a testament to SQL Connect’s commitment to continuously refine and improve its software based on customer feedback.

The new version is available, and users will receive a prompt at login to download the update. There will be no change in pricing with the release of SQL Connect version 23.6.

Krishna Bandyopadhyay, SQL Connect Solutions architect, said: “All commands and utilities are now conveniently accessible from the main window, which was a key request from our users.

“We’ve ensured the new UI is not just more efficient, but also familiar, allowing users to adopt the changes quickly and start using the tool in production right away.”

Kiran Pasham, co-founder and president of SplashBI, said: “Our vision has always been to provide the most effective and user-friendly data querying tool for Oracle Fusion Cloud. The enhancements in SQL Connect version 23.6 are a direct reflection of that vision and we’re excited to share these improvements with our users.”