SplashBI releases new financial reporting app: GL Connect

A skyward angle of a tall skyscraper that's reflecting the sunlight into a lens flare | GL Connect SplashBI

SplashBI has announced the launch of a new and enhanced financial reporting app, GL Connect. The app will serve as a direct upgrade to its current financial reporting tool, SplashGL.

GL Connect offers real-time insights and increasing efficiencies within Excel. Allowing for integration with Oracle EBS and Fusion Cloud environments, the new tool can convert existing Oracle financial statements into Excel workbooks. The interaction between different systems and tools is said to remove the need for users to swap between several different programs, which in turn reduces the room for errors. GL Connect is also protected and adheres to data security and compliance standards ensuring secure interaction with Oracle systems.

To help with accurate and reliable forecasting and analysis, users of GL Connect will have access to customizable hierarchies and will enable users to analyze their financial data through the preferred lens for their businesses. The software has comprehensive drill-down capabilities, meaning users can choose to delve into specific details to create detailed and tailored financial reports. For demonstrations of the full capabilities of the new software, SplashBI has additionally developed a dedicated website, www.GLConnect.com, to advise current and future users on the best ways to utilize the tool for their financial operations.

SplashBI says it’s dedicated to its mission of innovating the reporting space, with GL Connect the latest tool to lead the way for financials. On the launch of the new software, Kiran Pasham, co-founder and chief architect, SplashBI, said: “The unveiling of the new GL Connect version is a testament to our dedication to enhancing financial reporting. Our goal has always been to equip finance professionals with intuitive, powerful solutions. GL Connect reflects this mission, and its dedicated website will be instrumental in empowering users globally.”

This software launch follows SplashBI’s XL Connect launch in August last year, another tool that works towards boosting workplace efficiencies.