Strength in numbers for SAP and its partners

SAP has joined forces with its partner ecosystem in a ‘social collaboration’ that aims to use the power of technology to help tackle COVID-19 challenges faced by the NHS and other key workers.

Inspired by the thousands of workers who have united with their colleagues on the frontline, SAP challenged its partners to design solutions that would have a sustainable impact on the lives of essential employees.

Solutions ranged from identifying instances of non-compliance of PPE usage, to ensuring surplus food is delivered to those who need it most.

Sohail Mohammed, platform and technology principal architect, said: “The collaboration between SAP and our partners will support the tremendous work of key workers throughout the crisis and enhance their experience after the crisis too. Whether it be through mitigating the risk of a second peak or ensuring supply chains are never disrupted again, the impact of this collaboration project will be long-lasting.”