UK Home Office opts for Oracle cloud

The UK Home Office has successfully transferred its key HR, payroll, finance, customer support and employee analytics services onto the Oracle cloud.

The department, which employs more than 35,000 people, is taking the lead in the UK Government’s adoption of innovative technology to transform core HR and support functions.

The adoption of Oracle fusion cloud applications suite will modernise the Home Office’s finance, HR, procurement, customer support and expense systems. By automating, standardising and integrating business processes across different functions, the move will increase productivity and reduce costs at a time when there has never been greater pressure on government resources.

Jill Hatcher, chief people officer at the Home Office, says: “The Home Office is one of the largest and most complex government departments in the UK to have successfully migrated all of its finance, commercial, HR and payroll footprint to the cloud. This programme has charted the path for other departments to build on our collective experience. This go-live is a critical step in delivering business technology that is more user centric and allows the Home Office to continually evolve.”

Steve Miranda, executive vice president in applications development at Oracle, adds: “Recent disruptions and challenging economic forecasts have put pressure on many government departments. We’re proud to help the Home Office of the UK standardise and modernise the way it works. Moving finance, HR, and customer support to the cloud will help the department to deliver more value to UK citizens.”