Eviden implements clearing house solution for Athumi

image of paperwork surrounded by financial charts | Eviden and Athumi

Eviden has been selected by data utility company, Athumi, to integrate Eviden’s ‘clearing house as-a-service’ solution to facilitate trust management, authorization, contract management and seamless monetization of value streams data platforms.

Leveraging Eviden’s solution, Athumi can simplify and streamline its money and invoice streams in its data platform by bundling financial transactions into a single payment and invoice scheme. This will make it easier to collect and check outstanding debits, enhance overall operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

To encourage further adoption and growth of the clearing house, Athumi needed to align within the broader dataspace community and future specifications for clearing houses in IDSA and Gaia-X standards. The solution enables equitable distribution of funds among diverse data and value contributors as well as offering peace of mind by streamlining pay-outs, invoicing and collections to ensure an efficient experience for all.

Olivier Clabots, head of Belux at Eviden, Atos Group, said: “This implementation of Eviden’s ‘clearing house as-a-service’ solution is a world first in the context of data spaces. We are delighted to provide Athumi with the latest innovations in this field to help them deliver value to their customers.

“Building on this success, Eviden will also bring this solution to the European level as part of the SIMPL project, which aims to promote common data spaces in Europe.”

Björn De Vidts, acting CEO of Athumi, said: “Athumi’s goal is to help companies make more data more usable, and thus stimulate the Flemish data economy. Eviden’s ‘clearing house as-a-service’ solution helps us fulfill our mission with speed and excellence. We are already seeing tangible benefits: simplification of the payment process and automation of the various money flow.

“In the near future, we are convinced that we will reap further benefits such as greater customer satisfaction, improved overall operational efficiency and the creation of new sustainable revenue streams.”

Announced in November last year, Eviden unveiled its collaboration with Microsoft to help clients move to the cloud and facilitate their use of Azure OpenAI Service.

Eviden is leveraging its expertise in ML, AI and Azure OpenAI Service to foster joint go-to-market activities and expand the company’s AI-driven industry solutions.