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Vendor Review 2021

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Editor’s Words

It’s 2021 and ERP buyers are getting serious about their tech choices. They have several decades of experience to inform their next big purchasing decisions and many are making brave choices…

Are you really ready for the future?

The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the pace of global change and the pressure on companies to respond. But, despite rapidly building their digital capabilities during the pandemic many organisations are yet to fully embrace transformation…

Editor’s Words – The opening thoughts in the latest issue

This issue of ERP Today has been the most challenging to produce so far. But, as I put the finishing touches…

Is your application landscape an appreciating asset?

In tough times, cloud applications can be a relief instead of a regret…

Manufacturers Need to Shrink Costs to Survive and Power Up

The COVID-19-infected world is in turmoil and no business sector reflects that better than manufacturing…

Editor’s Words.

Many high-performing businesses have discovered the fragility of their systems and processes…

Paul Esherwood with an alternative review of Oracle OpenWorld Europe 2020

It’s true to say that if you are an Oracle partner, customer or even a casual user – OpenWorld is a great place to connect and collaborate….

It’s OK to be confused – just know that you are and embrace it.

Tom Peters famously said “if you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention.” Nothing could be closer to the truth when considering one’s options in the modern technological era..

Editors Words

As starts go, it’s been a good one. The reaction to our first issue has…


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