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A collage of binary code that has a red heart imposed across the middle | reskilling EY
Embrace the machine, no need to rage against it
Rather than falling victim to anxiety-induced stagnancy over incorrect or outdated information, reskilling and upskilling a workforce could lay the foundations for a successful ERP implementation. 
A laptop showing several graphs and other such visualized data sitting on a glass counter | financial More4apps
Eliminating the burdens of financial processes in Oracle ERP
Many would be surprised to learn how many financial processes still rely on manual data entry. If so many important processes and reports rely on manually processed data in your ERP system, there is unnecessary space for error.
A manufacturing shop floor showing several, orange robot arms ready to start assembling | Global Shop Solutions planning
How effective planning and scheduling tools could determine the success of your manufacturing processes
Once an effective planning and scheduling tool has been implemented within a firm’s manufacturing processes, leadership could expect to see an injection of important data insights. These data insights can be used to enhance efficiencies across manufacturing operations.
Details of "Questions for the future", a socio-critical work of art that is intended to encourage people to question modern trends. Displayed at Futurium in Berlin | Clean data tools for cloud migration More4apps
High in the clouds with clean data: Achieving smooth migration with data management tools
To achieve a smooth digital transformation, there is one aspect that cannot be overlooked during that process – data cleansing.
black mercedes benz car interior | critical data migration journey
Star Automotive Hellas: Critical data migration journey
The Mercedes-benz dealer in Greece had the task of extracting the necessary data in a human-readable format and finding a suitable method to retain and archive the information needed.
liquidity management finance
I’m looking for a ‘plan’ in finance: Mastering the art of liquidity management
Why does liquidity management matter? It's about upping cash-flow, staying resilient in a shaky economy and keeping fraudsters at bay.
Close up of some hands tapping away at a laptop with a high-tech orange and blue overlay | DMI architects
Build them up! Don’t forget how important enterprise architects are
The advent of enterprise architects is a response to the influx of ERP transformations. Enterprise architects make sure a client's tech environment is ready to take on the software upgrade with speed. With a good team of enterprise architects, a firm can get a rapid ROI.
A view of a cityscape from the base of the buildings that shows the dark reflections from the skyscrapers | Copperleaf
IFS branch out across Northern America with the acquisition of Copperleaf Technologies
IFS announced its acquisition of advanced provider of AI-powered enterprise Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM) company Copperleaf Technologies. Copperleaf uses financial data to help clients make informed investment decisions.
A very bright landscape of clouds above the cloud line | IFS
Having a head in the cloud can help bring agility and adaptability to manufacturing processes
In an increasingly modernized industry, businesses can’t afford to ignore the potential of artificial intelligence. Consider the impact cloud-enhanced services could have on a manufacturer - it could provide a headstart on the road to optimization and modernization.
A group of three people sitting at a table with their laptops open and laughing in a cozy setting | Rossera user experience
Using automation to improve the user experience
A cloud automation solution can change the entire user experience. In doing so, tedious activities can now be automated while users can focus on how best to innovate and stand out in their respective industries.
image of Vitesco CIO Thomas Buck | cloud and sustainable transformation
Vitesco: Driving a 4.0 sky-high, sustainable world
CIO Thomas Buck talks cloud and sustainable transformation for electric powertrain engine technology firm, Vitesco Technologies, plus the possibilities of Industry 4.0, across its AWS, SAP and Microsoft stack.
image of someone mixing chocolate cake batter | automation
Automation and the chocolate factory
Chocolatier Barry Callebaut gives a taste of how the manufacturing industry can create smooth quality assessment, predictive maintenance and information management with the right solution mindset to reduce the heat on workforces.
Construction site Enerfab SAP RISE Smarter Projects AI
The Potential of Smarter Projects with Enerfab’s Rajesh Kapoor
Enerfab's Rajesh Kapoor speaks with ERP Today to shed light on how his company is leveraging SAP and Microsoft tech for smarter projects.
a woman helping an older woman in a wheelchair toward the sun in a field | social worker relief initiatives by Barnsley Council
How local government can use AI for more “breathing space”
The lives of UK councils are not getting any easier. ERP Today sits down with Barnsley Council executive to discuss how technology can help.
Image of a couple on top of a snowy mountain, looking out at the landscape | SAP and IBM
A long marriage made in innovation: What’s next for IBM and SAP?
IBM’s global head of SAP, Mike Perera, shares the wins and next step wonderings of an over 50-year-strong partnership, with cloud migration and emerging GenAI and Quantum technologies high on the roster.
AWS Summit London keynote stage
AWS London Summit heralds user opportunity during times of crisis
London is calling for the AWS Summit: Here’s what you need to know from this year’s conference, from Bedrock updates to the latest user wins.
photo of Infor Velocity event in London with CEO and CTO onstage | Infor
Infor announces “momentum” solutions for clients at Velocity Tour London
Infor Velocity Tour has arrived in London today at Tottenham Hotspur stadium with Infor’s CEO and CTO ready to deliver the most recent updates.
Waltham Forest Town Hall building in London
Transforming finance, procurement and HR for London with Oracle
We spoke with Simon Copsey and Ghan Varsani at the London Borough of Waltham Forest Council discussing the council's cloud move with Oracle.
Image taken at Oracle NetSuite Suite Connect event London, during the Keynote talks.
Oracle NetSuite announcements entice UK customers to “Suite up”
Oracle NetSuite’s SuiteConnect event has reached London, with the announcement that the platform developments teased in the US last month, including GenAI, FSM and more, are now available to UK customers.
SAP cloud partner
AI with a little help from my friends: The role of cloud and partnerships for innovation
ERP Today interviews SAP’s CMSO and its S/4HANA VP at the 2024 SAP Partner Summit to discuss cloud, partnerships and the future of AI.
CloudWorld: the key takeaways from Oracle UK leader and users
CloudWorld saw Oracle UK set out its agenda for 2024 - what's the message from VPs and customers?
Workday CTO: AI in HCM has real use cases
Workday's CTO discusses AI, ERP, empowering next-gen tech, and industry trends in the HCM landscape
NVIDIA sign outside its headquarters office in Santa Clara, California | Tech companies team up with NVIDIA for AI innovation
Tech companies team up with NVIDIA for AI innovation
AWS, IBM, SAP, Accenture, Snowflake and Lenovo have recently unveiled collaborations with NVIDIA at the company’s global conference GTC AI.
Boomi CEO Steve Lucas | Integration is Innovation
Integration is Innovation
Boomi CEO Steve Lucas on being inspired by connecting the world and why AI transformation can only happen with your data house in order.
image of a red dragon for the lunar new year
Editor’s words: The Year of the Customer
ERP Today readers, welcome to the Year of the Customer. Our editor, Giacomo Lee, reminisces on 2023 which was the Year of the Partner.
graphic of a person looking through a telescope | A look to the future Technology 2024
A look to the future: Technology predictions in 2024
What will 2024 bring? After the year of the GenAI boom, here are the experts’ enterprise technology predictions for 2024 and beyond.
image of air hostess with plane and blue sky in the background | Delta Air Lines AI
Delta Air Lines takes flight with AI tools
As the American airline brings its HR AI vision to life, will the intelligent land of SAP’s Joule be its next destination?