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What can we learn from the ERP project of the year?
At this year’s ERP Today Awards, Social Work England was voted the best ERP project of the year by a panel of judges that included industry heavyweights, independent analysts and seasoned media commentators. It wasn’t the biggest project the judges considered nor was it the most complex – so why did six experts agree it was the standout submission?
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Social Work England creates new benchmark for ERP projects
Kindness, wellbeing and mindfulness embedded as a key tenet of the project - implemented on time, to budget and already delivering benefits.
The key HR solutions enterprises need to consider
Global HR analyst Josh Bersin says the HR tech market has never been more diverse and exciting. Technology has kept many businesses running throughout the rollercoaster ride that has made up the last 16 or so months. Technology has helped...
Love in a time of coronavirus
When Dr Clare Wenham from the London School of Economics was interviewed by the BBC last year about her views on local lockdowns, it was the presence of her young daughter that stole the show.  It was a real moment that...
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What story does this tattoo tell? Sure, it’s funny that the poor lad started out with a vision for something meaningful and ended up with a permanent reminder that he should have paid more attention at school. But does that...
Vendor Review 2021
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It’s 2021 and ERP buyers are getting serious about their tech choices. They have several decades of experience to inform their next big purchasing decisions and many are making brave choices...
Are you really ready for the future?
The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the pace of global change and the pressure on companies to respond. But, despite rapidly building their digital capabilities during the pandemic many organisations are yet to fully embrace transformation...
Editor’s Words – The opening thoughts in the latest issue
This issue of ERP Today has been the most challenging to produce so far. But, as I put the finishing touches...