Editor’s Choice

Cloud healthcare and the data state of play
Big Tech is muscling in on health big time: look no further than recent acquisitions such as the Microsoft-Nuance and Oracle-Cerner mega-deals.
AI in healthcare: What now after Watson?
IBM’s Watson health venture was so beleaguered, it can be forgiven if AI in healthcare seems like a poor business bet.
Legacy tech lingers in healthcare after Covid. What’s the fix?
It's still too early to say the NHS has shed off enough of its legacy technology, even after the pandemic.
Editor’s Words: capability and complexity
In a previous editorial, I quoted Tom Peters who famously said: “If you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention” - but that sentiment is already outdated.
ERP Today Vendor Review 2022
ERP’s role has changed – and finally the vendors are listening. This year’s vendor review takes a close look at the 10 key ERP vendors that are suited to mid-market and enterprise customers.
The art of enterprise intelligence
Amazon, Venmo and Uber Eats: none of these iconic brands allow us to do anything we couldn’t do before. After all, I bought stuff on the internet, paid the babysitter, and ordered food delivery for years before any of those companies came around.
The great hybrid multi-cloud myth
Dan Scarfe with an alternative look at the trend for hybrid and multi-cloud architectures – does the world really need to be this complex?
Industry clouds: a key ingredient for agility and business opportunity
The astonishing pace of change in the world today driven by extraordinary levels of technology innovation has been pushing business towards the cloud for years.
How to minimise (the next) supply chain disruption
Once the sole preserve and concern of professionals dedicated to serving this essential economic conduit, the health of wealth of the global supply chain is now a topic of wider business interest. As we strive to operate in a new...
Working From Home: Love it or Loathe it?
I used to think I was less productive working from home; always fitting personal jobs around work, for example putting on some washing or walking the dogs at lunchtime. It was a nice treat a few times a month, with the opportunity to grab an extra hour’s sleep in the morning.
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