Accenture acquires CLIMB to bring resources and spur client innovation

Pagoda city surrounded by trees during sunset; client innovation in Japan concept

Accenture has announced the acquisition of technology services provider, CLIMB, to bring more critical skills to global organizations in Japan and navigate technology change.

CLIMB specializes in system integration, IT infrastructure management and operations, meaning that Accenture customers can expect faster digital transformation across financial institutions and government agencies with the company’s expertise in application and infrastructure modernization services.

By using the forces of CLIMB’s 200 engineers, trained in cloud and security technologies and application management services, Accenture’s investment will also enable teams to continue to strengthen the local Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry.

“There are many talented engineers in regional areas of Japan who are leading digital transformation work,” said Atsushi Egawa, a leader of Accenture’s business in Japan. “Providing opportunities for these individuals to shine on the global stage will help elevate their skills to new heights while revitalizing the local economy.”

Egawa also emphasized the importance of such acquisitions for the growth of local communities considering “a clear trend of people and businesses returning to the domestic market”.

“Adding the CLIMB team who take an innovative and exemplary approach, especially to the financial industry, demonstrates how we continue to invest in Japan”.

Osamu Kanai, CLIMB’s president, also commented on the announcement: “CLIMB’s most important management principle is ‘maximizing employee happiness.’ Only when every employee is happy can we provide rewarding work and value-added services to our clients.

“By joining Accenture, our people will have unprecedented growth and exposure opportunities… and will contribute to the further enhancement of the ICT industry in the region”, he added.

In another recent statement, Accenture announced the acquisition of provider of strategic sourcing and procurement services, Insight Sourcing, to expand its capabilities for private equity companies and the consumer goods, retail and technology industries.