Accenture acquires Teamexpat and Intellera Consulting to expand capabilities

image of computer screens | Accenture acquires Teamexpat and Intellera Consulting

Accenture has acquired Teamexpat, an embedded software specialist for advanced high-tech products and systems in the semiconductor industry.

Teamexpat specializes in software development, testing and integration for lithography systems which use ultraviolet light to print fine patterns on semiconductor materials. Its team of software experts will join Accenture’s digital engineering team in the Netherlands, enhancing Accenture’s capabilities in smart, connected products for clients in the semiconductor sector and other discrete manufacturing industries.

The acquisition will enable end users, particularly in the semiconductor and high-tech industries, to experience improved performance and innovation in the microchips that power their devices.

Guido D’hert, high tech industry lead, Europe, Accenture, said: “It is a unique time for the high tech industry as €43bn of government incentives are dedicated to funding semiconductor innovation in Europe, driven by the growing need for advanced chips.

“Teamexpat’s experts will bring valuable embedded software expertise to our clients looking to innovate in the fields of embedded systems and complex mechatronics.”

The company has also completed its acquisition of Intellera Consulting, an Italian provider of consultancy services focused on public sector innovation.

This acquisition will benefit end users by enhancing the digital and organizational transformation of public administration and healthcare sectors. With Intellera’s expertise in data and AI and experience with EU funding, the partnership aims to create more sustainable, agile and inclusive public services.

This move follows Accenture’s recent acquisitions of Customer Management IT and SirfinPA, reinforcing its commitment to growth and innovation in Italy’s public sector.