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ERP Today is the perfect vehicle to promote your technology business to 12,000 cio and cfo at the UK’s largest companies.

ERP Today is the perfect vehicle to connect your brand to an engaged audience of cxos. We offer a lot more than just advertising. We have a range of innovative marketing platforms including event sponsorship, syndicated distribution, personalised print runs, and bespoke JV content in print and online. For more information on commercial opportunities please email

What’s the difference between paid-for content and platform marketing? It’s simple, ROI.

ERP Today does not publish any paid for content. Everything we write is our own independent view and everything we commission has editorial integrity.

There are hundreds of tech vendors and thousands of tech consultancies pumping out tens of thousands of blogs, newsletters, digital surveys and paid for content. How much of it do you think is being read let alone engaged with? If you want to engage an audience you need a platform that delivers trusted independent information that is not sold to the highest bidder. Our advertising and partner solutions offer unrivalled access to an engaged audience of ERP and tech buyers at the UK’s largest companies.


Full Page


Double Page Spread


Inside Front Cover Spread


First Double Spread


Inside Back Cover


Back Cover



ROP – run of paper

This is general advertising that is placed in non-premium positions. Usually in the news section or alongside unrelated editorials.

Premium positions

Back cover, inside front cover, inside back cover, opposite Editor’s comments and contents.

Feature advertising

This advertising places your branding at the heart of one of our main features. We usually cover eight different topics in each issue with four major features spanning eight to ten pages and four smaller articles each with one dedicated advertising spot. To see which topics we are covering in the future issues please go to the ‘next issue’ tab at the top of this page.

Tombstone advertising

Tombstones have historically been used by financial organisations to create a corporate representation or announcement of a transaction or deal. ERP Today will allow up to four Tombstones per edition. Usually a tombstone advert is co-funded by the various parties involved such as the vendor, integration partner and other key suppliers to the programme.


Where is the value in advertising?

Advertising in ERP Today won’t suddenly make your phone ring with new enquiries. We know your business doesn’t work like that and ERP Today is positioned to provide a different type of opportunity.

Captive audiences – your brand in front of ERP decision makers and the ERP Community

There is no other publication, website, blog or platform that offers direct contact with so many ERP decisions makers and the wider ERP Community. Each edition will contain a mix of editorials, technical papers, reviews and features that are designed to appeal to both sets of readers, so content is relevant for all.

Shelf-life – ERP Today keeps your brand in front of the right people for longer

ERP Today is published every quarter to the very highest standards – it’s the magazine you will see on reception desks at the UK’s biggest private companies and when you go to visit your clients. By only publishing four times each year, we are confident that each edition will be highly anticipated and retained until the next edition.

Digital fog – how much of the content is actually being read?

We know digital advertising plays a key role for most forward-thinking companies – and we agree, it really works on some levels. However, digital branding offers you a brief moment in time to connect with a potential customer – click to the next page and your branding is gone. ERP Today is a premium print publication, produced to the very highest standards and its brand values will mirror yours. By aligning your corporate identity to a publication with the strongest brand values, your ERP business will in great company with all the major players from the ERP Sector.

Why doesn’t your brand have any representation in ERP Today?

We have already secured advertising from some of the biggest names in the ERP space. Tier1 Vendors, Global Consultancies, ISVs and niche players have already committed – how will you feel if your brand isn’t represented? We said at the top that we can’t promise your phone will ring with new enquiries, but we are sure you will be missed if you’re not in ERP Today and your competitors are.


ERP Today is free to anyone involved with the ERP sector, and always will be. It is direct mailed to end users, vendors, consultancies and independent professionals.