Alteryx and UiPath fuse RPA and APA capabilities in new partnership

Alteryx and UiPath

Alteryx and UiPath have announced a strategic partnership to accelerate and simplify end-to-end automation across data-driven business processes.

Demonstrating the benefits of analytic process automation (APA) and robotic process automation (RPA) when they work together, UiPath and Alteryx offer a solution that allows business leaders to increase operational efficiency and automate time-to-insight.

Dean Stoecker, co-founder and CEO of Alteryx, commented: “Businesses now have a heightened urgency to digitally transform, creating an avenue for humans and machines to work together as a means of amplifying intelligence and driving remarkable outcomes.”

Daniel Dines, UiPath co-founder and CEO, added: “By combining our leading hyperautomation platform with the full range of Alteryx’s code-free and code-friendly platform approach, companies can now fully unlock the opportunities of enterprise-grade automation and worker productivity and creativity while embracing the digital transformation process.”