Amalthea not cheesed off as Infor AI appetizes

Amalthea not cheesed off as Infor AI appetizes | Infor AI

Christmas dinner looks safe and calorie-rich as Amalthea, a leading provider of goat cheese and organic cow cheese, opts for Infor and its integrated AI solution to help improve cheese quality and yields, build customer loyalty and boost sustainability.

For every 1 percent increase in yields, Amalthea expects to save approximately 500,000 euros with the Infor solution, which it can reinvest to further develop the business. The company plans to significantly increase its manufacturing capacity in five years to meet the high demand for more cheese types and innovative solutions.

Since modernizing its ERP with Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage in 2020, the company have leveraged the power of Infor’s cloud technology platform, Infor OS, to solve a critical milk yield business problem fermenting from data silos, time constraints and outdated tech. Amalthea’s AI-driven yield deviation detection and explanation is now fully automated using Infor Coleman AI – from data collection and processing to presentation.

Amalthea is utilizing Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage throughout its supply chain, from the reception of milk to the cheese warehouse. It interfaces with and helps automate production systems in the factory, such as weighing units and processing tanks. Infor technology, it’s claimed, also has helped Amalthea improve the speed and efficiency of its financial closing process from weeks to days.

Joris Aarts, chief financial officer at Amalthea, said: “Our customers require consistency in the cheese we produce. The big challenge is that milk is the raw material used to produce cheese and, by nature, is very unstable and inconsistent over the seasons. Infor Coleman AI helps us make cheese production as stable and predictable as possible, in terms of quality and yield, so that our customers are happy.”

Remember that as you tuck into your Christmas cheeseboard this year.