Arribatec and Pagero partnership to futureproof financial operations

Arribatec and Pagero

Arribatec, the international provider of integrated ERP business solutions, and global e-invoicing service provider Pagero are offering a joint solution to support businesses of all sizes to streamline their financial processes and improve supply chain visibility. The collaboration hopes to help businesses adapt their processes to comply with new rules, avoid sanctions, and guarantee business continuity.

The e-invoicing journey 2019-2025 has said one of the biggest trends in business for 2023 is the constant and unprecedented growth in CTC (continuous transaction control) models and electronic invoicing mandates around the globe.

Experts estimate that, by 2025, 80 percent of all organizations in the world will be forced, either by legislation or by requests from key business partners, to exchange invoices only electronically.

With the joint solution from Arribatec and Pagero, businesses will be able to automatically exchange financial data, such as invoices and purchase orders, between their ERP System (especially Unit4) and other systems in their supply chain, adhering to local regulatory and electronic document exchange regulations.

The combination of Pagero’s expertise in digital and automation for payment and accounting processes, and Arribatec’s knowledge of ERP systems and digital business process management solutions will provide customers with high-quality answers for their accounting and billing needs.

The integration contributes to eliminating manual data entry, reduces inaccuracies, and improves the precision of financial data. Businesses will also be able to automate and digitize their financial processes, reducing the need for paper-based transactions and improving their overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

“Our partnership has been successfully put to the test after having worked on numerous projects together,” said Tom Vandezande, global head of business services at Arribatec Group. “Arribatec adds value to Pagero’s solution with our implementation expertise, and together we help customers save on their daily operational costs, increase processing speed and minimize errors.”

Oscar Valdelvira de la Mata, partner manager for South Europe at Pagero, said: “Businesses are increasingly realizing the benefits of digitalizing their business documents, not only because it is smarter and more secure, but because it will soon be a legal obligation that companies will have to adopt and adapt to.

“To facilitate this adoption, we have developed a strategic partnership with Arribatec, which supports a wide range of ERP, but they mainly help us in our integration with the Unit4 ERP system.”

Find out more about upcoming mandates, how to prepare, and how your business can benefit from automation and digitalization via the Arribatec and Pagero partnership. Join a special, registration-only webinar on 9th March. Save your seat now by clicking on the link.