No ‘one size fits all’ in ERP training

Arrabetic ERP training

ERP Training is a double-edged sword: it gives tremendous possibilities for users, but it also means that ERP customers need more understanding of their system. Peter Stevens, Arribatec’s Training and Competence Manager, noticed that shortly after joining Arribatec and, since he loves training and interaction with customers, he pushed for the creation of Arribatec Training Centre as a service to close that gap between his customers and their ERP solution.

Given Peter’s experience as a trainer for the Unit4 Academy together with Unit4’s flexibility and configurability, the Training Centre has been a great success since its launch in the second half of 2022. Peter and his team have already delivered training on five different continents, and they are looking at Antarctica next. That might be a tougher task, but not impossible.

We had the opportunity to discuss all things ERP training with him in this interview:

How did you come up with the idea of creating Arribatec Training Centre (ATC)?

To my belief, training and adoption is often undervalued in an implementation project. We believe that having professional, experienced trainers deliver the training during the crucial phases of a project will result in more competent end-users that have a better understanding of the system and hence are happier in their work. We started with ATC six months ago and things are going really well. We delivered a lot of different types of training to a variety of customers in different industries and the feedback we have received from our customers has been very positive.

From your experience, when is the best time to train your employees?

Awareness of training need from project inception – training at all stages where the customer (PM, SME, End-users) requires knowledge of the system or process. But of course, training is a continuous process, think for example when you have onboarded a new employee or if the organisation wants to implement a new module.

What are the benefits that both employees and the company can gain from training?

Confidence, speed (more time for non-system work), efficiency, accuracy (fewer mistakes), knowledge of better ways of working, happier end-users. In addition we can help via training that the onboarding of a new employee will be more efficient and faster up to speeds regarding the use of Unit4 ERP.

What is ATC’s approach to training?

We adapt our approach according to the customer needs – there is no ‘one size fits all’ in training. What this means is that we use different tools available (E-learning, Online Learning or onsite).

What type of training do you deliver?

We will develop and deliver training wherever there is a requirement. This is from delivering standard training to training tailored based on the customer’s needs.

Do you focus on industry-specific training?

No – we cover all industries. We are Unit4 specialists and can adapt that knowledge to any industry – we work with the customer/client for industry/company-specific knowledge.

What makes you the best Unit4 training provider?

Our training team has an unique background, it is the sense that we all have experience as consultants as well as trainers. This helps us to understand customers and their processes. Due to our background, we can reduce the gap between the customer’s world and the training world making sure that training is relevant. In short: we think of the end users first – put ourselves in their place: ‘How would you like to be trained?’.

It’s never easy to admit that you or your team might need further training, but ERP Training with Arribatec is the best and most effective way to push your team and find new, efficient ways of completing your business processes.