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Head of Sales, Original Software
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What is UAT and how can you do it better?
What is UAT and how can you do it better?
User Acceptance Testing (UAT) verifies if software meets user needs before launch, which is crucial for smooth operations. Howver, some of its challenges include managing updates and processes effectively.
abstract technololgy image / The secret to reducing outsourced software testing
The secret to reducing outsourced software testing
In-house tools such as Original Software offers faster, cheaper and better software testing solutions, surpassing outsourcing in efficiency, cost-effectiveness and effectiveness.
Someone's hand tapping away at a laptop screen with a stylus, on top of a reflective, glass table |
Predicting the future of ERP testing
With AI threatening to stick a thumb in every pie it comes across, what kind of effects will it have on testing as a whole? Original Software’s Carl Andrews shares his thoughts on the pipeline for the foreseeable future.
A frustrated man sitting down at a table with his laptop, running his hand through his hair looking exasperated | manual testing original software
How to reduce your manual testing by up to 60%
The more you can do to make the manual testing process intuitive and painless for business users, the faster and smoother it will go.
A man in glasses writing into a notebook with a giant graph with an upwards pointing arrow imposed over him | IT transformation original software
A CIO’s dodge to IT transformation pitfalls
Let’s play a quick game of word association: what comes to your mind when I say “TSB”? If you’ve been reading the news, chances are your responses might include “expensive,” “disaster” or perhaps “fine” (but not the good kind). But...
Two people have their backs to the viewer in an office setting, working on complex coding on their computers | Infor testing
Time to think testing when implementing Infor Cloudsuite
Testing an Infor platform should be the first thing you do before you roll it out. It's important you're prepared for what that takes.