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Video: Cloud ERP Software for Manufacturing
Experience the speed and security of the cloud with Global Shop Solutions' ERP software, which is specifically designed with your manufacturing processes in mind.
ERP software for manufacturing
Browse Global Shop Solution's all-in-one integrated system. Learn more about each application, from accounting to purchasing to website advertising. Get access to all product sheets, or take the Manufacturing Health Test. 
Case study: Tranos and Global Shop Solutions
Read the story of how Global Shop Solutions helped Tranos bring organization and order to the company's data tracking processes, providing quick access to real-time shop floor data and reducing production and quality costs.
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Case study: DesignPro automation
Read this case study where DesignPro, with the help of Global Shop Solutions, was able to make tangible process changes that yielded immediate results. 
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Ten things great manufacturers won’t do
This briefing by Global Shop Management lists the ten things the best manufacturers try not to do and how their business has succeeded amid the challenges in keeping a modernized ERP.
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The ultimate guide to buying ERP software
Read the guide by Global Shop Solutions to help you through the entire ERP buying journey. From learning the ERP software basics, to budgeting, to building a complete checklist for evaluation potential providers, this guide covers everything you will need to make critical decisions.
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Global Shop Solutions info pack
Since 1976, Global Shop Solutions ERP software has been trusted by manufacturers around the world to keep them competitive and growing, regardless of the economic climate. Learn more about Global Shop Solutions and their solid experience to the right solution to transform your business. 
imagery of factory floor with machinery ERP Manufacturing
A beginner’s guide to ERP and the future of manufacturing
Implementing ERP software helps simplify the quote-to-cash process by providing a centralized platform to manage all aspects of customer interactions, production, and finances. It gathers, organizes and displays real-time data at every step of the process so you know what has happened with a job so far, where it is now, where it will go next, and when you can expect to ship it.
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Advantages of on-premise ERP for manufacturers
Read more about the benefits that keep large numbers of manufacturers using the On-Premise ERP platform.
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Case study: Global Shop Solutions and Zephyr Products, Inc.
Read about how Zephyr Products leveraged Global Shop Solutions expertise to improve Zephyr’s competitive standing.