A beginner’s guide to ERP and the future of manufacturing

imagery of factory floor with machinery ERP Manufacturing

Every manufacturing business is an old friend of the quote-to-cash process. Yet, with never-ending changes in the market, this process takes new twists and turns. Here’s the silver lining: with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, manufacturers can take the struggle out of the quote-to-cash process. ERP software increases efficiency, drives business growth, and enhances competitiveness – ultimately winning the quote-to-cash game.

Implementing ERP software helps simplify the quote-to-cash process by providing a centralized platform to manage all aspects of customer interactions, production, and finances. It gathers, organizes and displays real-time data at every step of the process so you know what has happened with a job so far, where it is now, where it will go next, and when you can expect to ship it. Continue reading…