Advantages of on-premise ERP for manufacturers

a hand holding a yellow hologram of a cloud | Anthropic

This is the third in a three-part blog series that addresses the differences between Cloud and on-premise ERP for manufacturers.

On-premise ERP software is a platform for managing a manufacturing enterprise on-site and under the complete control of the business owner. These systems are installed and run on your servers or hardware at the place(s) where your products are manufactured. You own the software outright and have full responsibility for maintaining and updating it. You are also responsible for maintaining the reliability of the system’s infrastructure and data security.

Within the past decade, the percentage of manufacturers using Cloud ERP has overtaken those operating their businesses with on-premise ERP. However, an on-premise system still offers many advantages, such as increased control and visibility over data and systems, better integration with existing or legacy systems, the ability to meet legal or regulatory requirements more easily, operability regardless of your internet situation, and on-site data security.

This blog – the third in our series of three comparing Cloud to on-premise ERP – will outline the benefits that keep large numbers of manufacturers using the on-premise ERP platform. READ MORE