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Test tubes currently being injected with a pink pipette | healthcare Infor
Help lead the revolution by integrating your healthcare data
As healthcare continues to evolve, data will remain the pillar for success, enabling organizations to achieve the delicate balance between cost control and enhanced patient experiences.
Landscape view of a factory with a lot of complex pipes and machinery throughout | smart factory Infor
Smart factory success rests in the Cloud (ERP)
Smart factories represent the next frontier in operational performance, combining human ingenuity, advanced technologies and data-driven insights. With data at the core, smart factories empower manufacturers to navigate the digital landscape and thrive in an increasingly competitive market.
A top down view of a lorry distribution centre | composable ERP solutions Infor
Composable ERP solutions: providing distributors with future-proofing, flexibility and agility
With business leaders now at the forefront of digital evolution, composable ERP solutions have taken priority. Thanks to modern cloud-based ERP solutions, it's easier than ever to stay competitive in the ever-evolving world of technology.
Open blue skies with a giant cloud creeping in from the right hand side | Cloud software Infor
Cloud software: the key to unlocking a digital-first world for your enterprise
Legacy systems have become tangled webs with decades-old processes, preventing enterprises from achieving efficiency in their digital operations. Cloud software can help your business grow to unparalleled heights by innovating processes for peak efficiency.
Close up of a spreadsheet full of codes and numbers | spreadsheet Infor
Retiring spreadsheets: the business case you’ve been waiting for
The spreadsheet… Perhaps the most prolific office tool since the dawn of electronic admin. As the future marches ever on, is it time to upgrade, kick spreadsheets to the wind and look for better tech?  
Neon-lit circuitboard showing many complex connections against a very dark background | digital transformation Infor
Unleashing the power of digital transformation
Whether it's a complete digital reinvention or a stepwise modernization, the time for action is now. A digital transformation can help boost effectiveness across the board and improve process efficiencies exponentially. What are you waiting for?
Rocket that's blasting into space from the launchpad with lots of smoke | cloud-based Infor
The rocket fuel your business needs: Cloud-based enterprise software
Cloud-based enterprise software emerges as a game-changer for businesses, offering them agile platforms that allow fast pivots in response to any market challenges
Lab assistant delicately inserts test tube containing a dark substance into a testing machine | Price transparency healthcare
Price transparency can transform health systems as we know it
Price transparency and enhancing the patient experience, are the latest tools in optimizing healthcare systems.
A fashionable lady in large sunglasses walking with hands full of shopping bags | Farm to fashion
From farm to fashion: What fashion brands can learn from the food industry
Is it time for the clothing industry to reflect the farming industry? Improving all processes from farm to fashion has a lot of benefits.
An image of workers sorting through apples in a factory | Infor food and beverage manufacturing | food and beverage
Digital tech is helping food and beverage firms combat inflation
Recent inflation is seeing food and beverage manufacturers risk profitability and customer relationships. Here's how to take back the reins.
image of red Forklift in warehouse | infor combilift
Infor lifts Combilift’s fleet of 60,000 to the cloud
Infor helps Combilift, one of the world's largest global manufacturers of multi-direction forklifts, to the industrial cloud.
image of machinery in warehouse | Manufacturing ERP Infor
The benefits of manufacturing purpose-built ERP
How can manufacturing organizations quickly drive profitable growth with ERP? The answer, for many, lies in technology partnerships.
image of warehouse with workers blurred | Infor - democratized data for factory operations
The democratized data improving factory operations
Manufacturers are using smart manufacturing principles, converting the shop floor into highly efficient, democratized data driven operations.
4 things CFOs should consider for kickstarting organisational AI
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How to become a data-driven organization
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Top trends driving cloud adoption today
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Unlock the potential of Industry 4.0 for equipment and asset management
Equipment and assets are crucial to the delivery of your product. If you can’t use your machines, you can’t deliver...
Industry 4.0: A people – centric transformation
The fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0—where humans and machines work in tandem—is well underway...
Improve business productivity and agility with modern ERP
How do you run your business? Are you doing weekly planning on a whiteboard? Do you keep track...