Infor lifts Combilift’s fleet of 60,000 to the cloud

image of red Forklift in warehouse | infor combilift

The Combilift fleet

Combilift, based in the Republic of Ireland, is one of the world’s largest global manufacturers of multi-direction forklifts. From consulting to design and build and delivery, Combilift boasts a fleet of 60,000 customized trucks and delivers its products to over 85 different countries.

With the growth of Combilift came the understanding that an innovative approach to selling and delivering its forklifts was required.

Shop floor challenges

Slow turnaround from customer contact and the team in the warehouse meant there were delays in getting quotes out to the customer. A straightforward application could have taken ten to 15 minutes to put together the initial component and the same time, again, to put any initial components onto the order and get the quote out. With each of the trucks being customizable, it meant that real-time data was required on each service order and it needed to be accessible to the repair team at all times.

Combilift life in the Infor cloud

With a 14-year-long partnership already in place, Combilift opted for Infor Cloudsuite Industrial, Factory Track and CPQ, and additionally included Infor technologies like the Infor Document Management system and Coleman AI. The new Cloudsuite is being used in all aspects of the business.

Having the right data to hand for all parties has led to an increase in first-time fixes, which has resulted in a 30 percent improvement in completion time. This improvement in fix time is expected to lead to a 40 percent reduction in the cost of completing the service.

Everyday improvements for Combilift with Infor

The suite has also helped employees get access to the correct information without having to leave their station, leading to a significant improvement in productivity across the workshop floor. Access to real-time data is also allowing confidence amongst employees that they are working from the right information.

“Personally, some of the benefits to myself is that I save maybe 30 minutes per day not having to walk onto the production floor to get status updates or record KPI information, allowing me to utilize my time and data to prioritize other parts of my job,” said Fintan Sherry, production manager at Combilift.

“We chose Infor because they’re the only ERP software that could be extended to meet our customer needs and meet our innovations,” added Fearghal McCorriston, IT manager at Combilift.