Mark Sweeny
CEO at De Novo Solutions and serial entrepreneur
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The Dragon has awoken and is finding its voice
In Wales, the tech dragon is well and truly roaring and finding its voice, aided and abetted by a series of business-friendly policies that encourage entrepreneurs to develop local businesses that actively contribute to the local economy.
From lipstick on a pig to the experience economy, the evolution of UX
From lipstick on a pig to the experience economy, the evolution of UX
Why spending vast amounts of money just to make something look good without the underlying functionality was - and still is - fool’s gold
The Rise of Industry Vertical Solutions
Both the platform vendor and systems integrator landscapes are changing. Where to put your money?
Platforms that deliver value through employee engagement
Over the last 18 months we have seen the constant rise in the industry narrative from the SaaS cloud platform providers regarding the importance of delivering ‘experiences that matter’.
Reaching for gold in employee experience technology
Double trouble this issue so I thought I would pull in some additional expertise. Please welcome Libby Mason, a recognised organisation and change management expert as co-author of my column. Let’s imagine we live in a world where we have...
Inflection 2021 – The Missing Piece of the Enterprise Jigsaw
This year will see the continued evolution of SaaS cloud applications and once again we find ourselves at another inflection point. The next step brings into focus the final piece of the jigsaw and delivers on what ERP has been promising for decades - simply to make our lives easier at work.
Are you ready to go all-in on SaaS?
Experience tells you that in the enterprise SaaS cloud market you are always selling...
Ground Zero – Rebuilding the Economy
Roll back to New Year’s Eve 2019 and the technology industry was looking forward optimistically...
Where is the new money for ERP?
In the cloud era, the ERP market that serves an organisation’s back office business operations is dominated by the tier one players of SAP, Oracle, and Workday...