Pankaj Goel
CEO, Opkey
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Testing the 2024 waters: predictions and insights from Pankaj Goel, CEO of Opkey
The ERP world is in constant motion, with waves and eddies of technological breakthroughs causing ripples across the industry’s software landscape. Pankaj Goel, co-founder and CEO of Opkey, shares his insights into what he believes is in store for 2024. 
Close up of a magnifying glass being held over the keyboard of a Macbook | Test automation
Myth-busting your test automation beliefs
Misunderstandings about the protocols, cost and requirements of automated testing often get in the way of clients making the changes they need to make to stay ahead of the curve.
A lock representing security overtop a computer keyboard : digital immune system
ERP testing is the undervalued backbone of your digital immune system
The term digital immune systems is rising as a response to an unprecedented escalation in cyber threats, but how can we implement them well?