Wayne Lloyd
Founder & CEO of Smarter Contracts, a FinTech company
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Personal Security
Privacy: Straitjacket or competitive advantage?
It’s simply not enough to have data anymore. To unlock value, organisations and businesses must implement a robust data strategy that enshrines a commonly understood and consistently executed set of rules and behaviours for managing data.
An effective metaverse strategy requires a web3 mindset
Businesses might face risks by underpinning their metaverse strategies with a web2 way of thinking.
Unlocking the value of Smart contracts
The Ethereum whitepaper, written and released by Vitalik Buterin in 2013, put in motion the wheels of change that are set to have a profound impact across every industry in the coming years ahead.
The importance of trust in a digital world
The pandemic has been the catalyst for the rapid acceleration of digitalisation for almost every business, in every industry sector around the world. Whilst this explosion of new digital products and services has demonstrated value to businesses and society as...
The economic benefits of Certainty
Certainty can be defined as the confidence that we have in our beliefs. It is a determining characteristic of how we perform as individuals, as a team and as a company. The more certain we are in our beliefs...
Know your data
In 1963, Raymond De Roover published ‘The Rise and Decline of the Medici Bank (1397-1494).’ It tells the story...
The ‘New Normal’
Firstly, I sincerely wish good health to all ERP Today readers and their families in these challenging times...
Sustainable technology for a sustainable world
As the effects of global warming become more prevalent year after year it will become increasingly difficult for politicians to water down and undermine the effects much longer...
Best Network Wins
For the early adopters of blockchain technology the rewards will be untold: new revenue streams...
Overcoming fear of decentralisation
Earlier this year, in London, I presented at the Blockchain World Summit. The title of my presentation was ‘Bitcoin isn’t Blockchain’ and the focus of my work...