Automation Anywhere collabs with Microsoft and AWS for more automation

Adi Kuruganti, Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere has announced further collaborations with Microsoft and AWS to deliver more automation to organizations with GenAI.

The company announced at the Imagine conference in Austin, Texas, that it has expanded its collaboration with Microsoft through the integration of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service within Automation Anywhere’s new AI + Automation Enterprise System, to help companies automate complex end-to-end processes across enterprise applications using AI Agents.

The announcement expands the existing integration of Automation Anywhere’s enterprise automation platform with Azure AI Document Intelligence. The new AI Studio solution promises customers to build AI Agents for complex enterprise automation use cases on GenAI models from Azure OpenAI Service. 

Steve McNamara, VP of automation engineering at R1RCM, American revenue cycle management company servicing hospitals, said: “Leveraging the ability to rapidly create automation solutions that take advantage of LLM-based data mining, and generative AI responses will create distinctive advantages in the healthcare sector.

“R1 is heavily invested in Microsoft Azure and Automation Anywhere. This new partnership will play a significant role in our future automation strategy.”

Continuing on this trend, the executive team revealed its plans to roll out new solutions every month and every quarter, with solutions “to combine multiple products like automation, copilot and enterprise assistant, enabling business teams to engage with AI agents from any business application, Salesforce, Microsoft, SAP, or even that custom web application that you built in house,” Adi Kuruganti, Automation Anywhere’s CPO, shared at the conference stage.

The company has also partnered with AWS to expedite business transformation and help customers achieve rapid cost savings by automating complex enterprise workflows with generative AI. 

Automation Anywhere aims to empower customers to create enterprise-wide process automations within minutes with conversational automation, turning natural language requests into automated actions.

It does this by leveraging Amazon Q, a fully managed, generative AI-powered assistant that can be configured to answer questions, provide summaries, generate content and complete tasks based on enterprise data.

Business users can use Amazon Q to solve problems and gain insights as it provides immediate, relevant information and advice to employees to streamline tasks, accelerate decision-making and help spark creativity.

“By making conversational automation available enterprise-wide with Amazon Q, we’re arming every employee in companies with the potential to automate and transform their challenging process workflows to transform the way they work and reduce the time it takes from days and weeks to minutes,” said Mihir Shukla, CEO and co-founder.