Barclaycard taps Sapphire to power payments

Barclaycard taps Sapphire to power payments

Barclaycard has teamed up with Sapphire to offer customers a means of making simple one-off supplier payments.

With Barclaycard’s integrated virtual card, users of SAP Business One can power up their procurement process with simple and convenient ad-hoc payments. This also gives employees the flexibility of a virtual card account, while giving the business complete control over who they pay and how much they spend, saving both time and money.

Available as an SAP Business One integrated app or as an add-on for SAP Ariba, Barclaycard virtual card lets you make one off payments to both known and unknown suppliers while retaining the controls already built into your buying process.

Chris Gabriel, chief strategy officer at Sapphire, said: “With over 1250 Sapphire customers all depending on streamlined and efficient payments, we are incredibly excited to be cementing this new partnership with Barclaycard. Together we can help our customers optimize their payment strategy and the business outcomes they can deliver, by intelligently managing their spend with this integration for ERP and Barclaycard Payment platforms.

“This is the future of intelligent payments and will help our customers save money, improve cashflow, and deliver unrivalled insights into how and who they spend their money with.”

Ben Walker, director, strategic platform partnerships at Barclaycard Payments, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Sapphire Systems to bring our Barclaycard Precisionpay virtual card to market – as this product is fully embedded within the ERP system it enables customers to pay suppliers more easily in a frictionless, controlled way and provides financial benefits to both the buyer and supplier.

“Sapphire’s expertise in SAP systems such as Business One and S/4HANA Public Cloud will support the creation and delivery of an integrated value proposition for clients, driving better outcomes for our mutual customers.”