UBIX Labs and Sapphire collaborate to drive transformation

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Sapphire has entered into a strategic partnership with UBIX Labs to simplify and accelerate the use of advanced analytics and data science to boost and accelerate the outcomes delivered by digital operations transformation.

UBIX is an advance analytics company that enables organizations of all sizes to leverage existing customer analytics, ERP & CRM infrastructure, blending transactional and external data to create new insights that drive intelligent action. With UBIX, users and experts can quickly and affordably solve challenging analytics problems that are not possible without data science and AI.

The partnership will see Sapphire incorporate the UBIX Labs Platform into an extended offer across all its digital operating platform portfolio, and lead to a Sapphire white labelled AI services platform powered by UBIX Labs.

Chris Gabriel, chief strategy officer at Sapphire, said: “Digital operations transformation is the new engine room of business differentiation and the unlimited supply of energy that enables greater agility, intelligence, speed, productivity, and efficiency and competitive advantage.”

“UBIX Labs and their rapid to deploy advanced data platform will turbo boost our customers’ ability to make intelligent data driven decisions, without the huge dependencies, specialist AI and machine leaning skills or complex technologies can sometimes demand. We now have a portfolio of data analytics and data science services that make us uniquely positioned to become the strategic data partner for our customers.”

John Burke, CEO of UBIX, said: “Through our relationship with Sapphire, more organizations can now exploit the power of UBIX for intelligent migration to the Cloud, preserving critical data assets and empowering an advanced analytics strategy. We know that leveraging UBIX’s advanced analytics platform, Sapphire can further strengthen its market position and emerge as a leader in delivering intelligent enterprise solutions.”