Celonis acquires Symbio to bolster its AI-portfolio

Symbio and Celonis joint banner at the acquisition announcement

Celonis has announced its acquisition of Symbioworld GmbH, a provider of AI-driven BPM software. This collaboration acts as an expansion of Celonis’ established AI-portfolio that currently provides a host of GenAI assistants and tools for process intelligence.

The companies aim to provide joint customers with a richer class of process intelligence by bringing together process mining and process management. As Symbio enhances the capabilities of the Celonis platform, customers will now have the ability to utilize AI-assisted process modeling.

Added to this announcement, Celonis and Symbio debuted their enhanced version of Process Cockpit which merges live process insights with Symbio’s gathered data to create one unified experience. By integrating core process KPIs and insights with customers’ process models and guidelines, the companies plan to enable compliant and intelligent process execution across all users while providing managers and employees with a unified end-to-end process experience. The newly designed joint product is available via Symbio’s Navigator embedded on Microsoft Teams.

This mining-first approach promises to optimize organizations’ processes by redefining their current modus operandi toward the adoption of a data-driven and system-agnostic strategy. Celonis’ intention is to allow users to design their ideal processes based on real-world data and make improvements such as removing unnecessary steps, simplifying processes, standardizing and automating task for efficiency and continuously monitoring to identify deviations.

Alex Rinke, co-CEO and co-founder of Celonis, said: “With Celonis and Symbio joining forces, we have made a huge leap towards providing our customers with an even richer class of process intelligence. Symbio enhances the capabilities of the Celonis platform, bringing world-class process mining and process management together in one home.

“Customers will now be able to not only mine their processes to identify opportunities and capture value, but also design their processes with a modern, AI-assisted process modeling solution.”

Oliver Zeller, CEO and co-founder of Symbio, added: “Combining our expertise in providing an objective perspective of the entire workflow with Celonis’ market-leading process mining technology provides our large joint customer base with employee-centric process intelligence at scale.

“Employees and their entire organizations will now be able to gain new insights, such as the root cause for a bottleneck, combined with context that allows them to apply improvement recommendations and drive performance, faster than ever before. This enables every employee to improve their day-to-day operations and is critical for companies undergoing process and system transformations, as they are now able to redesign their processes based on the world’s best process insights.”