Certinia unveils advanced AI capabilities and updates to its platform

AI | Certinia unveils advanced AI capabilities and updates to its platform

Certinia has announced advanced AI capabilities and a range of new enhancements to its Services-as-a-Business platform. 

The company’s most advanced purpose-built AI for services, Certinia AI, has expanding capabilities, including predictions for days to pay in cash flow forecasting and enhancing margin optimization in services delivery.

Over time, Certinia AI will assess the accuracy of its predictions against actual outcomes to improve its reliability. Therefore, professional services teams will be more inclined to harness AI capabilities to tackle practical, scalable, real-world use cases in finance and professional services.

Some additional enhancements include streamlining accounting workflows to enable financial controllers and analysts to efficiently compile comprehensive reports for stakeholders and board members. This enhancement is poised to help accelerate the efficiency of accounting teams and strengthen their ability to influence strategic business outcomes.

Certinia is also evolving forecasting capabilities with extended planning and analysis (XP&A). This is set to enable greater modeling flexibility like advanced what-if scenario forecasting and a range of ease-of-use improvements marked by the release of new use case templates. CFOs could benefit from this as they will be able to see a more accurate and comprehensive view of an organization’s financial health. 

Another addition to Certinia’s platform is the acceleration of visibility into resource capacity and demand, which allows project managers to improve the delivery of project timelines and demand forecasting in the estimation phase through automation. 

Finally, Certinia will also elevate project management for more cost-effective service delivery. The task board of the platform will be enhanced, alongside the introduction of a new Delivery Tracker, giving program and project managers significantly improved visibility and control that will enable them to deliver projects more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Mickey North Rizza, vice-president enterprise software, IDC Group, said: “Certinia’s latest release represents a significant step in the ongoing evolution of the services industry.

“It’s clear the integration of AI-driven capabilities and the focus on enhancing user experience and operational efficiency are key trends shaping the market. The use of AI for predictive modeling, time-saving enhancements in accounting, improved forecasting accuracy and advancements in resource management and project delivery are reflective of a broader shift towards more intelligent, automated and user-friendly enterprise-grade solutions.

“Such developments have the potential to offer substantial value to services organizations, enabling them to navigate new complexities with greater agility and insight.”