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photo of three men on stage at Infor Velocity Tour
Munchies and motorcycles: A fireside chat at Infor Velocity World Tour
Intersnack and Triumph Motorcycles talk sweetening their ERP systems to drive innovation at the Infor Velocity World Tour fireside chat.
Construction site Enerfab SAP RISE Smarter Projects AI
The Potential of Smarter Projects with Enerfab’s Rajesh Kapoor
Enerfab's Rajesh Kapoor speaks with ERP Today to shed light on how his company is leveraging SAP and Microsoft tech for smarter projects.
A supply chain shipment in the water with birds.
Shipping off to AI! SAP debuts new AI capabilities in supply chain solutions
In response to the mounting pressures facing manufacturers worldwide, SAP has announced new AI advancements in its supply chain solutions. 
Birds flying in the sky : Phoenix Group
The Phoenix Group ignites digital future with HR ‘Thunderbird’ solution
Phoenix Group, alongside their partners at IBM, unveiled their transformation journey within the HR function, aptly named "Thunderbird."
Snippet of Microsoft Fabric : Tech Mahindra
Easing workflow woes: Tech Mahindra designs Workbench for Microsoft Fabric
Microsoft and Tech Mahindra have joined forces to introduce a unified workbench on Microsoft Fabric to ease your workflow woes.
A ballroom inside a hotel equites stay : Oracle Netsuite
Oracle NetSuite gives Hotel Equities a ‘single source of truth’
Hotel firm announces its adoption of Oracle NetSuite, to provide a unified platform to manage all hospitality operations.
SAP cloud partner
AI with a little help from my friends: The role of cloud and partnerships for innovation
ERP Today interviews SAP’s CMSO and its S/4HANA VP at the 2024 SAP Partner Summit to discuss cloud, partnerships and the future of AI.
A happy looking AI robot - EY AI
Considering ethical AI on the road to digital transformation
EY offers valuable guidance and expertise to organizations navigating AI safety within their digital transformations.
An Audi Yellow Car - SNP SAP cloud
Audi and SNP ride into cloud competitiveness
SNP's expertise in ALM and innovative software solutions have empowered Audi to navigate the migration to S/4HANA with confidence.
Sunset on clouds: RISE with SAP User
SAP addresses user concerns with RISE with SAP Migration and Modernization Program
SAP has unveiled its latest initiative, the RISE with SAP Migration and Modernization program, in response to consistent user concerns
Avoid Falling Behind on your S/4HANA Journey with a Brownfield+ Approach
For those using a Brownfield+ the question switches from which implementation route to who to go on that implementation journey with.
Kid pretending to fly with a spaceship on his back : SAP TechEd
A Sneak Peek at SAP TechEd 2024
SAP TechEd in 2024 will host a global virtual event, SAP on tour to meet you wherever you might be and a finale in Palm Beach at ASUG.
knowledge : lightbulb
Empowering SAP Users and Enhancing ROI with Knowledge Add-On Tools
The benefits of utilizing knowledge tools such as this are significant, empowering SAP users to resolve issues independently.
Shifting to Cloud Strategies without Jeopardizing Mission-Critical Tasks
For SAP operations, mission-critical tasks like labeling play a pivotal role in business operations and can't be overlooked in cloud shifts.
Celebration sparks: Onapsis webinar
A Year in Review with Onapsis Research Labs: Insights to Inform your 2024 ERP Security Strategy
The A Year in Review with Onapsis Research Labs webinar is for SAP users to gain insights from industry experts for 2023 trends.
Tax : Old Calculator
Is your SAP data environment ready for a Tax Audit?
The Enterprise Content Store streamlines access to critical data from decommissioned SAP systems, easing tax audit challenges for SAP users.
SAP ushers in a new EMEA era with Manos at the helm
New EMEA president to further champion the growth and innovation of SAP customers as the age of AI takes over the ERP space.
Person in red jacket walking through a maze. : RED HAT , S/4HANA SAP
Charting an Automated Course through the S/4HANA Labyrinth
S/4HANA migration uses large amounts of time and effort from already stretched IT teams so automation is integral to successful cloud journeys.
The Evolution of RISE and GROW in the SaaS Era
CNT provides personalized assistance for SAP users, ensuring a smooth shift to the SaaS model with RISE and GROW.
SAP Business One - AI chip
Unleashing the Power of AI for SAP Business One
Introducing AI functionality tailored specifically for SAP Business One users, this development aims to streamline data interrogation.
SAP legacy lochs : A picture of a Scottish lake or loch
Streamlining Legacy Lochs: A Critical First Step Towards Modernization
Scottish Water's transition from on-premises legacy systems to a cloud-first approach, powered by Boomi is something SAP users resonate with.
A cube with loads of other cubes : SAP users cybersecurity Pathlock cloud
Protecting SAP users during cloud migrations: The SAP-endorsed advantage
As businesses continue to navigate the uncharted territories of cloud deployment, the assurance of data security and compliance becomes paramount.
A metal fence : Cybersecurity SAP and Xiting
Fortifying data on your S/4 journey with SAP tailored security frameworks
With tailored SAP frameworks, companies can navigate the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape and protect their data during S/4 migrations.
UKISUG 2023: Every cloud has a silver lining
Despite the on-premise conundrum, conversations at UKISUG have shifted from whether to deploy S/4 to how to deploy S/4.
The Power of Choice: SAP and Intel Address Diverse Customer Needs
SAP & Intel announce the intensification of a strategic collaboration to deliver more powerful and sustainable SAP Software landscapes.
Email notifications : automation conexiom invoicing SAP
Conexiom: connecting SAP users with email invoicing automation
Companies looking to automate invoicing would benefit from a solution that has automation tools in one place and, importantly, is cloud-based.
A leader of a group within the clouds : SAP Microsoft Azure
Why Microsoft Azure leads the pack among SAP users on their cloud journeys
Combining SAP and Azure provides benefits that are difficult to obtain alone, including greater flexibility, scalability and integration of solutions.
A man looking at his ipad : Informatica SAP data cloud ECC
Speed up SAP cloud migrations before 2027 ECC deadline
Informatica says it’s important to consider every part of the data process before starting a cloud modernization project.
Properly Prepping Data for SAP S/4HANA with Protiviti
Protiviti recommends companies lay the foundation for a strong data conversion strategy well in advance of the start of S/4 implementation.
a lock on a door : RISE SAP Layer Seven Security
Security with SAP RISE: A Shared Model of Responsibility
RISE customers can secure custom SAP programs and applications using the SAP-certified Cybersecurity Extension for SAP (CES).
Onapsis debuts new AI to boost S/4HANA, RISE and BTP security
Onapsis unveils new enhancements to its AI-driven Security Advisor and Broader Platform to advance greater SAP visibility.