Certinia PS Cloud revolutionizes Siemens’ business and customer experience

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With a global presence and broad software portfolio specializing in 3D and 2D Product Lifecycle Management software, Siemens Digital Industries Software works with companies across various industries to optimize designs, efficiently manufacture products and provide aftermarket services. The company strongly believes that digitalization and automation are the game-changers that can solve modern-day challenges. As such, Siemens mainly assists clients with digital transformation consulting, as well as providing cloud-managed services. It also enables meaningful transformation through implementation, education and engineering.

But as Siemens experienced significant growth both organically and through acquisition, it was challenged to scale its service business and best practices while serving various industries in multiple countries. 

Trouble supporting multiple business models

Inside its operations, Siemens’ regional divisions ran autonomously and on different processes, complicating the company’s professional services practice. What made matters worse was that the existing on-premise professional services automation (PSA) platform that Siemens used wasn’t designed to support multiple business models.

So in order to enable its emerging lines of business to make informed business decisions and efficiently drive growth, Siemens decided to launch a next-gen service automation (NGSA) program. As part of that, it needed a PSA platform to support all regions and make it possible to harmonize operations globally on a standard set of business processes.

Automating processes and crafting larger customer engagements

After an extensive evaluation of PSA providers, Siemens decided Certinia had the best vision and capabilities. With the synergy between Certinia Professional Services Cloud (PS Cloud) and Salesforce cemented the company’s decision because Siemens uses Salesforce extensively.

The Certinia platform helped Siemens Digital Industries Software operationalize its newly defined global processes with over 7,500 users being seamlessly onboarded in more than 30 regions distributed globally.

In addition, by orchestrating harmonized processes across its multiple service lines, Siemens Digital Industries Software empowered its project managers to efficiently craft large customer engagements that are staffed and profitable. With better forward-looking views of the business via PS Cloud, managers could better plan capacity and improve utilization across over 5,000 projects. With the help of PS Cloud, the company has already expanded billable utilization, seeing it achieve its highest rate in seven years.

Onto forecast-beating transformation

Upon the collaboration with Certinia, Kurt Kuelz, senior vice president of global customer outcomes at Siemens Digital Industries Software, said: “We do implementation services for a living and the transition to Certinia PS Cloud was one of the most seamless cutovers we have experienced. We met every milestone, didn’t leave any revenue on the table and are on pace to realize our full next-gen service automation vision.”

As a result, by improving efficiency and profitability across its professional services organization, Siemens managed to beat its forecast and grow the business year-on-year, accelerating revenue recognition.

PS Cloud ultimately helped Siemens achieve its vision of delivering a frictionless customer experience as a critical factor in ensuring all its teams work together seamlessly, with customer success at the centre of everything they do. This allowed the company to grow further by encouraging repeat purchases and add-on service engagements.