Character.AI and Google get conversational to build the next generation of AI

Character AI

Character.AI, a full-stack conversational artificial intelligence (AI) platform that gives consumers access to their own profoundly personalized superintelligence, has announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud and selected it as its preferred cloud infrastructure to build and train sophisticated AI models with advanced reasoning and greater accuracy.

In the same month that the ‘godfather of AI’ Geoffrey Hinton leaves Google, citing serious concerns for chatbox technology, the pressure will now be on to build robust safeguards within the field of generative AI.

Large language models (LLMS) have made remarkable advancements in recent months by serving as the foundational model that outperforms previous algorithms in most natural language and text generation tasks.

The new partnership will use generative AI and LLM infrastructure to meet the needs of its rapidly growing community of creators. By combining its own AI capabilities with those of Google Cloud, Character.AI will enhance the customer experience by inspiring imagination, discovery and understanding.

Character.AI will also use Google Cloud’s Tensor Processor Units (TPUs) to train and infer LLMs faster and more efficiently, speeding up computationally-intensive workloads with more than 100 petaflops of performance in a single pod.

Leveraging Google Cloud TPUs, Character.AI can take advantage of the same secure and scalable infrastructure that powers Google Search, YouTube and other Google services. Character.AI will also employ Google Cloud’s new A3 VMs running on NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, a combination that uniquely enables customers to tackle any AI workload with speed and flexibility and provides customer optionality between TPUs and GPUs to meet their needs.

“We’ve recognized the power and strength of Google Cloud’s technology from day one,” said Noam Shazeer, CEO of Character.AI. “As we continue our growth trajectory, working with Google Cloud’s AI technologies was the obvious choice, allowing us to rapidly expand our compute abilities so we can deliver new features and capabilities to millions of users.”

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, said: “We’re offering Google Cloud’s industry-leading infrastructure, Google foundation models and AI tooling to companies across industries so they can build, train and deploy the future of AI creatively, reliably and at scale. Character.AI’s cutting-edge conversational AI technology is creating entirely new opportunities to transform how we interact with AI systems and we are thrilled to be their partner as they continue to scale their vision.”