Cloud at the pinnacle of Acumatica expansion

Acumatica is coming to the UK and Pinnacle, an established mid-tier business and solutions consultancy, will lead the sales and implementation effort. Acumatica Cloud ERP is now available in a UK data centre and its latest 2020 R2 update has introduced several new and exciting features which will play well with UK manufacturers, distributers, retailers and service-orientated businesses. Acumatica is a full service ERP SaaS solution that offers a genuine cloud and mobile experience coupled with some unique differentiations.

Jon Roskill, Acumatica CEO, said: “There is strong interest in ERP delivered over the cloud in the UK but the market is very fragmented with a large variety of legacy ERP vendors. The demand from prospective customers and partners for a cloud-based Acumatica product was quite clear, even overwhelming.”

The latest generation of its applications carries a host of new features which are powered by embedded AI and ML. The refresh also delivers a new integration to Shopify which makes it easy to connect to leading eCommerce applications.

Roskill added: “With so many businesses operating from remote locations and home offices, it’s more important than ever to have a single source of business truth that is accessible to anyone, anytime, from anywhere, which can also integrate easily with mission-critical applications such as Shopify or new requirements such as video conferencing or group chat.”

You can read more on Acumatica in the next issue of ERP Today in February 2021 or tune in on the ERP Today Live! channel in December to hear first-hand how they plan to impact the UK market.