Configurable Management’s WINGMAN automates data entry

Configurable Management’s WINGMAN is a configurable implementation management, test and defect management application that automates data entry tools to provide real-time visibility into project management.

SharePoint lists, Excel sheets and other management applications often suffer from data entry errors and human error that lead to costly and timely remedial processes. The WINGMAN app is tackling this issue by automating these tedious tasks, lowering risk of error and saving time.

With a robust permissions management layer to limit who can update project requirements, business process master list (BPML) and testing definitions, Configurable Management’s app automatically routes development or testing defects to the individual or team responsible for addressing a given defect.

Users can build out their project requirements in an Excel template and upload these definitions into WINGMAN. Then initiate the respective item to trigger automated tasks, receive email notifications and drive an organized and time-efficient project.

This includes from the requirements definition and development progress, to unit testing, system integration testing, user acceptance testing or any component of a project that requires control, tracking and visibility.

Whether WINGMAN is delivered through SaaS or a subscription license with on-premise installation, deployment can be done in as quick as a few days and can be customized to fit specific needs.

Steven Branch, president and CEO, Configurable Management, said: “WINGMAN eliminates the need for Excel spreadsheets or SharePoint lists to manage and track User Acceptance Testing by sending email notifications for testing tasks. With the click of a link in the email the tester can see what tasks they need to complete.

“Once a task is complete the next test task is created. Wingman includes defect reporting/resolution as well as a real-time status/ progression dashboard. Wingman’s flexible design and ease of use enables it to be used for anything you need to track and manage, i.e., blue printing, configuration and development tasks, cut-over activities.”